Malaria proved to be more harmful than imagined


Although Zika virus disrupted the lives of so many people, but a century old malaria has proved to be larger in the country killing about 50,000 people each year threat.

Although officially revealed the figures are lower than actual figures, leading health professionals in the country are of the opinion that malaria is a threat that India has to face. The Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr. Swaminathan Soumya, at the International Congress of Infectious Diseases addressed the concern that malaria has been raised in the country.

In Telangana, about 374 cases of malaria, commonly defined as vivax malaria were recorded this year until February. What is worrying is that an almost equal number of infections related to Plasmodium falciparum (PF) cases also came to light in the same year. The FP caused the disease malaria can become cerebral malaria, which is almost always fatal. Although there are six subspecies related to Plasmodium, which cause the disease, FP and vivax are the most common found in the country.

Dr. K. Narasimhlu, an expert in internal medicine at the Gandhi Hospital, said that death can come in just three days, in the case of a FP infection is not adequately treated. While malaria infection can be treated simply in any clinical treatment of advanced FP requires critical attention.

The state of Telangana recorded 10,205 FP cased last year that led to three deaths reported cases. The absence of a vaccine cost and the high frequency of treatment discouraging the poor to get benefited from the therapy. So the advice on prevention is the medical support, as different complications of malaria, including a ruptured spleen, severe anemia and kidney damage can leave a lasting impact on your health.

“Malaria can be prevented by taking several simple precautions. The risk awareness of malaria in high-risk areas is the first step for prevention of malaria,” Dr. Guru Prasad, a consultant in hospital care, spoke on the eve of World Malaria Day was observed on Monday.

At the time of travel to an endemic area for malaria, antimalarials, it may be advisable to avoid infection. diagnosis and therapy can help prevent disease severity and immediate death, said Dr. Guru Prasad.

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