Making Your Own Homemade Oil For Beard!

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oil beard homemade it is a blend of oils that will help your beard to be healthy and manageable.

To carry out only the carrier oil to mix, which is the base to produce any oil beard, and essential oils of pleasant aromas. Thus, moisturize and nourish the beard, giving it a perfect look.

Do not forget that a beard requires a series of care to protect it from cold, wind and even hard water, which is responsible for the looks careless of his beard.

These compositions are very beneficial to improve their appearance, but do not forget that oil quality is variable depending on the oils used in the blend.

Both groups of oils can be found in pharmacies, supermarkets and organic shops and to make the mixture a small bottle of 30 ml is needed with a dropper.

Creating an oil homemade his beard

To obtain the best possible quality need to buy a carrier oil and one or more essential oils, and applying a formula 98% mixture of essential oil with carrier oil of 2%, which means about 12 drops of essential oils on top of the base, carrier oils.

Many manufacturers use light carrier oils such as oil of sweet almond or jojoba, although there are a lot of different oils, each with a specific purpose.

Therefore, almond oil contains vitamins E, A and B, which gives shine and softness to the beard, while jojoba is perfect for oily skin and acne.

Coconut oil, for example, has many properties, most of them anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, brightens beard and skin elasticity.

On the other hand we have the essential oils that also provide many benefits, but they can not be used undiluted directly because they are too strong and intense.

The rosemary or lavender stimulate growth of beard, improving circulation, essential oils of vanilla or treatment of dry skin and wood of sandalwood or cinnamon orange clean pores.

Now, you can opt for a personal mix, the choice of oils that you like.


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