Make Me Heal – Does This Product Line Accelerate ALL Healing?

Make Me Heal is a company that creates a variety of products for care standard beauty or for postoperative recovery. This is our opinion.

What is Make Me Heal?

Upon arriving plastic surgery or other medical procedures, they know that most of the results will be based on the selection of a doctor who is reliable and qualified. After your procedure is completed, you still have to maintain a certain level of care while recovering. Your Aftercare is the key to the effectiveness of the procedure is at all, it is a priority that Make Me Heal understand.

Make Me Heal is well known for its large selection of products that help care for every part of your body, while still offering the necessary support after cosmetic procedures. Their website has more than 1.5 million visits per month, which makes it a great place to find exactly what you need from the brands that can be trusted.

More recently, Make Me Heal has put its focus on becoming a portal health products as well. In essence, this means that also provide products and services for senior health, diabetes, orthopedics, incontinence, and other medical conditions. You can come here as heal different procedures , and still be able to find the right support for your body.

Make Me Heal products

The amount of different products you can choose between Make Me Heal is huge. You have products for men and women, all of whom try to help you look your best. The most popular categories is are the products they handle

  • Skin Care, with special attention to anti-aging remedies and makeup
  • The hair care, including solutions for hair removal or hair loss
  • devices beauty, which help either apply makeup or clean the skin
  • Fragrances, individually designed for both men and women
  • cosmetic dental care
  • the recovery after plastic surgery, including wear compression and healing of resources
  • sexual health

to get an idea of ​​the quality you can expect from Make me Heal, here are some of the best selling products offered.

Prosonic Glow

The Prosonic glow is one of the newest and best-selling products available to consumers, having been updated for even better performance. This device is a brush system that allows you to clean and exfoliate the skin, but with a significantly lower price than meets other professional sonic brushes.

This brush has three different speeds, allowing you to massage, stretch and push the skin to have a deeper cleaning than ever. It can be used on the face and body, and removes excess dirt more, oil and other substances than any other cleaning method. According to Make Me Heal, this product is six times more effective than any other method of washing your face.

By keeping your skin clean, you can look youthful and radiant, but without any surgical procedure.

The Prosonic glow is available for $ 99.99.

Breast Surgery Support Bra

This bra is designed to give your breasts the support they need after any medical procedure that involves surgery, such as plastic surgery or any other breast procedure. This bra is designed to provide compression to motivate blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and amplify healing. In fact, to help keep moisture of different wound sites, the bra has been treated with Naturexx, a microbial treatment.

The support bra breast surgery is available for $ 25.95, and goes up to size 3X. For more information on sizing brassieres, see size chart the company’s website.

to wear the bra, slipping his arms into the opening of the shoulder strap. Then close the front starting at the bottom closure. It is necessary to ensure that the garment is not too tight or too lose, because they will use the bra after surgery and for a few days. Talk to your doctor about whether you should use the garment throughout the day.

This bra should be washed by hand in cold water, then air dried. If you have to wear the bra for a long period of time, you should buy more than one to allow yourself the freedom to wash one while you use the other.

Candice Body with removable straps

Candice Monkey is the perfect complement to that little black dress, helping to achieve a thin and smooth easily figure. The suit is able to control his stomach, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks and back. No bra required, although the garment offers support to that area of ​​your body as well.

This garment is designed to be worn underneath clothes, but should be aware of the cut of his clothes to hide completely. To keep it looking new clothes, wash with warm water and air dry.

This garment offers a certain amount of compression to help direct the fat in your body to the right places. Tela has PowerNet, removable straps and a front zipper. This product is available through a size 3X, and is priced at $ 49.99. According to reviews, this shaper runs small.

Make Me Heal it is full of other clothing bands that are intended to help give the illusion of shape you want. Some of the other articles of this type include:

  • bands
  • shapers of the leg above the knee
  • shapers breast
  • girls open bottom
  • zip molders

information Resources Make me Heal

in addition to many different products, Make me Heal is also a great source of information. You have the opportunity to review the questions other patients have presented to the experts, before asking his own.

contact Make Me Heal

Make Me Heal is all about the customer. They want to ensure they are able to have any questions answered in a timely fashion. For that reason, a popular mode of communication is the chat live help, allowing you to have a chat with a representative. They are available during operating hours, which are not indicated at this time.

can also email the company, if you are interested in sending your inquiry outside business hours. You must send your inquiry via the online form with your contact information.


Make Me Heal is well known for its quality, and understood the need in the medical industry for high-quality products that can help with the healing process. With an affordable price and attention to customer needs, this is the next stop to do after plastic surgery consultation.

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