Magnesium Oil Rub For Achy Legs

Magnesium oil and essential oils for aching legs

So this is happening, and it hurts me and fills me with joy and brands I wish for a pause button simultaneously. One minute I’m standing in an aisle of the grocery store nodding to “those were the days” comment – while mentally calculating how long it may be before a toddlerpocalypse, of course – and the next am standing behind me and eight years old, while she focuses on taking this photo. . .


. . . for a project that is working. And my children? They’re kissing and hugging the child jedi sweet inspiration, and I am doing my best to absorb everything. (While also trying not sustain foot trauma induced by Lego, obviously. This is real life after all.)

So yes, are growing, and this entails a not so funny territory. I’ve written about natural remedies for growing pains before, but today I wanted to share something that recently we’ve found useful, in addition to those suggestions. It is a magnesium oil massage with essential oils that support muscle relaxation.

While there is no agreement on the cause of growing pains, a common theory is that it is often due to the inability of the ligaments and muscles to keep up with the rapid bone growth.

as children grow fairly rapidly, your muscles, tendons and ligaments are growing well, “says Jason Homme, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics at the Mayo Rochester, Minnesota Clinic professor. These parts of the body “can not be growing at the same pace, which can cause protest a little.” ( source )

pediatrician actions of my children this view, and suggested magnesium as one of the things that could relieve pain legs.This recipe is for a massage at bedtime wonderful for restless or achy legs, and is very easy to do. here’s a breakdown of what used (and what):


There is a reason magnesium is often called the magical mineral As I mentioned in this post on scientific advice backed deeper, more. sleep , it fuels about 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Some of these reactions help relax sore muscles, alleviate the effects of stress and calm the mind by supporting the production of the neurotransmitter GABA.

Magnesium deficiency is very common, and oral magnesium supplements are not always well absorbed in the digestive tract. ( Font 1 Source 2 ) Fortunately, magnesium is well absorbed by the skin.

magnesium oil that is not really an oil, but a mixture of magnesium chloride and water that feels oily to the touch – is perfect for this problem. Not only that absorbs well, dried without any greasiness. If you do so many clothes as I do, I guess the last thing you want to deal with the leaves are oily after application of a lotion of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil. A quick note on the absorption (a great deodorant is also made, but that’s another post .)

Because vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and a little calcium are essential for the absorption of magnesium, you want to make sure your little one is receiving adequate amounts of these also. According to the book Kristen Michaelis’, Pretty baby , magnesium levels show a greater improvement when vitamin D is obtained through sun exposure rather than oral supplements.

Essential oils

Various essential oils are useful for relaxation and Plant Therapy (an essential oil companies get from) even makes a Cultivation mixture Dolores . I shared with you a list of essential oils that are considered safe for children and Guidelines general dilution , however, for this clinic recipe Aromatherapist Read Harris recommends a higher proportion normal dilution.

Lea, who is the founder of using essential oils safely and using essential oils safely community on Facebook suggests a dilution of 2% for children under 5 years (or at least 1%) and then 3-5% for public older than 6

regarding specific essential oils, are here I think they are the best for this recipe :.

One more thing before we get to the recipe. While growing pains are one (but hopefully occasionally) a normal part of childhood, there are other possible causes of leg discomfort. According to the Mayo Clinic, you should see “your child’s doctor if you are concerned about pain in your child’s legs or pain is:

  • persistent
  • still present in morning
  • severe enough to interfere with normal activities of his son
  • Located in the joints
  • associated with an injury
  • accompanied by other signs or symptoms, such as swelling, redness, tenderness, fever, lameness, skin rash, loss of appetite, weakness or fatigue “( source )

This 2-ingredient recipe has been very helpful for my kids when they have growing pains. It's a magnesium oil rub with essential oils that support muscle relaxation. The dilution ratios - which are a bit higher than normal, were recommended to me by Clinical Aromatherapist Lea Harris, who is the founder of the Using Essential Oils Safely community.

DIY Rubbing magnesium oil Achy Legs

This recipe can easily be cut in half or bent depending on how often it is used.



Add magnesium oil and essential oils to a glass container and shake well to mix.


leg massage as needed.


For essential oils mixed with a carrier oil, the estimated useful life is usually 6-12 months if stored in the refrigerator and 2-6 months at room temperature. I do not know exactly what the life of this formula is, but my guess is that is about the same or slightly less. I suggest that only count as much as you will use in a few months.


Store in a cool, dark cupboard to prevent premature oxidation of essential oils.


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