Magic Tap Drink Dispenser – The Automatic Easy Pour System?

The Magic drink tap dispenser is a straw that is operated by a battery which allows you to “pour” drinks at any pitcher without having to pick it up. This product is especially useful for people who may not be able to fully control a beverage container due to the high weight of the liquid inside.

What is the magic faucet spout beverage dispenser?

A completely filled beverage container can be quite heavy for some people. Unless you have a very active life style, a gallon of milk or a bottle of two quarts of juice has a good amount of weight, which can make it difficult to control as it turns liquid when poured. Inevitably, there will be times when you simply can not restrict the container and end up with a big mess on your counters and on the floor. You do not want to have to deal with this disaster for every drink is poured, so you need to add the Magic dispenser drink tap your kitchen accessories.

The dispenser Magic Touch drinks looks like a simple straw, but actually is a mechanical device placed in the drink to pour your drink for you. You do not have to try to lift a heavy container drink more, and you do not have to worry about drinking anything at the counters.

This tool is easy to use, and is even safer for children to help themselves to their own drinks. Many people can benefit from this clean way to pour any liquid. Use this dispenser at parties or for general use in the house, stopping before they start so spills will not mourn over spilled milk.

How the Magic Tap Drink Dispenser Works

This dispenser is fully operated by batteries, which requires pressing the lever to activate the suction to remove the liquid through the straw and for the exit. The product is very easy to use, and is based on this cordless power to suck the beverage until the pressure is taken off the handle.

The use of tap magic fountain beverage dispenser

When you decide you want to have a drink or pour a drink, will have to push the “super straw” in the container you want to drink. This product is designed to fit most juice bottles and liters of milk. Once the peak of its beverage container reaches the top of the straw, use silicone wings to support the straw on top.

When you are ready to get your drink, use the cup or container to press against the trigger. This trigger then push the liquid out of the outlet tube and the container.

The price of Magic drink tap dispenser

Most of this product is that it is incredibly cheap, requiring a small fee of $ 9.99 for a set of two dispensers and a guide to show you how to use the product. This product can only be ordered online from the website of magic faucet, which means you can not call the company to submit your order, or buy it in a store third.

will be asked to pay postage for each of the dispensers, which means that the total shipping cost is $ 13.98. There is no option for expedited shipping, and no way to keep track of the order once you send it.

You will have to wait up to six weeks to have their product delivered. No information indicating whether or not you will receive a confirmation email, so you may not even know when the company receives your order, until they charge your card.

contact the manufacturers of the Magic tap beverage dispenser

Unfortunately, the website does not seem to have any way to contact the manufacturers of this product, which makes it difficult if you have questions or need to return a whole. In addition, the customer service department will have information about your order for approximately two days after your order has been processed. Without some form of contact with this part of the business, you will not be able to even confirm your order has been made at all.


If you have muscles weak arms or are simply awkward, the Magic tap beverage dispenser makes it possible for you to avoid forcing himself while be able to quench their thirst. The purchase comes with two dispensers, which helps to prevent contamination of other beverages with milk or juice that does not belong.

The only part of this product that should concern is the lack of ability to speak with a representative about your purchase or product. While you may be able to reach your shipping address when sending back the dispenser, there is no way to reach them by phone or email before that date.

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