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Hair dye ingredients are positively the willies. Some of them, especially those who will make dark hair dyes, can be very damaging. Often ask me to recommend dyes hair strong and so when my colleague, Maura, was in the office with a new rich cap, mocha color, I was immediately curious – especially when she said the brand, Madison Reed, He made a big deal about safe ingredients.

I heard that before. For example, a few years ago when a friend asked me to look Naturtint , a brand of hair dye which implies that lives up to its name. It is not like this. Naturtint had many dubious ingredients, with p-phenylenediamine be a particularly egregious offender. This is a common asset in dark hair dyes and its effects can run the gamut from tearing the coma. So I went to check out Madison Reed with caution.

From dark dyes are typically among the worst offenders, I looked up “Positano Black”. Fortunately, there was no p-phenylenediamine and I was delighted to see many good things. However, this hair dye is not completely free of unpleasant surprises. To begin with is ethanolamine also known as acetamide MEA and the European Union classifies as corrosive and harmful if it comes into contact with skin . However, the industry body, Cosmetic Ingredient Review proclaims that it is safe at concentrations up to 7.5%.

Although Madison Reed claims to be free of resorcinol (an irritant known), there are a couple of variations such as 4-chlororesorcinol. However, this has been determined to be safe in normal use in hair dyes ( source ). P-aminophenol can be toxic and irritating, according to many animal studies, but has been deemed safe at the concentrations used in hair dyes ( source ).

Other ingredients, such as 2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine have been considered safe, even by those scientists about picky eaters in the EU ( source ). Moreover, Madison Reed have included some good things like argan oil, panax ginseng and vitamin C

Overall, Madison Reed has avoided the worst offenders and can be recommended for everyone except for those who want a completely natural product, safe. But pure vegetable dyes do not like doing the work of a permanent dye. And this is the perfect transition for Maura Reed tells us how Madison has done for her.

I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that I discovered Madison Reed by clicking on an advertisement of Facebook; but they lead me to a system of soft color, low toxicity hair that is a pleasure to use, so I can not complain too much. They drew attention to the phrase me “free -ammonia.” He had recently read in an article (sorry can not source this) that the hair color salon has 2% ammonia, while most color box pharmacy has something like 99%, an alarming number of that stopped my inclination to grab a box of chocolate cherry Garnier on a whim to add some pizazz to my natural brown hair mid tones, nondescript.

A little history of my hair: hair has never given me a lot of work, but I’ve never been too happy for her. Barbers comment that it is “good, but has a lot of it” and grows in a casual wave, which is prone to frizz in humid weather. I am lucky that has a style well and apart from a few strands at the crown of the head, not cost me too much to make it look as I like when I put in the effort. Growing up in the suburbs of Boston in the early 2000s, all the cool kids in my school has blond highlights, the Jennifer Aniston in the final stations Friends . In retrospect, I’m glad that my mother was in my requests to be allowed to participate in this trend, but the result of our arguments was a feeling of pressure from the coast and commitment of a visit to the salon for hair color . Therefore, when as an art student in New York City, a friend asked me to help color the hair of a box, which was an “aha” moment: “Oh, that’s right People actually do in their own bathrooms, and for $ 10! “

in the handful of times I’ve used drugstore hair color, the main adverse effects were a strong chemical odor that could last until my next wash hair and a stiff feel, crispy that could last through a few sessions of shampoo. But once I learned full of nasty things were, I took a break from dying to see the fateful Facebook announcement. I missed the nail a hair color richer gave my style and I ordered a mahogany box in red tones Portofino Madison Reed -. 6NRR

I still remember receiving my first box of Madison Reed and feel so impressed and pampered by thoughtful packaging. With your order, you get everything you need to color: color and activator, with a sharp peak at the tip for easy application of colors; 2 pairs of gloves, one for the application and one for washing; a protective cream to apply to the hairline and ears to avoid telltale “I dyed my hair my” spots; a soft wet cloth in case you color in the neck or hands anyway; sample bottles shampoo and conditioner (which I like and I sell full-size version); and a cap to wear as color sinks.

The first thing I noticed when dying my hair was nice and nonchemical was the smell. It is a mild botanical scent that made the experience of dying my hair much more enjoyable. Of course, since this is still a kit dye at home, there is still the process a bit annoying to ensure slowly and deliberately that the color reaches every strand, but less than $ 30 per order (even less if you choose self-delivery option), it is worth the extra effort. After rinsing the hair color, using your shampoo and conditioner prominent, crisp feeling no lingering odor or chemically for days. bright, healthy and lasting color only.

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