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At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) after being hospitalized with extreme dizziness, weakness and loss of balance. I struggled with the disease for several years and was in and out of the hospital often take courses of steroids. He had a cane, he could not drive, I was disappointed, depression and began taking axone poly (a modifier drug disease) a day.

Then something changed within me. I decided I wanted to be like that, I was determined to live a full and healthy life. The medications were not helping significantly so I did some research and found the Wahls diet protocol and ‘Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis’ program .

As I changed my diet protocol Paleo Wahls, and made some significant changes in the lifestyle I started to feel better! In an effort to learn more, I began studying to be a naturopath. As a naturopath I have learned more about herbs and nutritional medicine; I learned that reduce inflammation common herbs and foods that support the nervous system. I added these foods and herbs in therapeutic doses in my diet and I have not had a relapse since.

they have now been off drugs and symptom free for five years. Simply I have my life back. I can run, dance, work, have a lot of energy and I’m in good health. Control my health with my doctor and nurses M.S.

My story of recovery of health has been published in Dr. Terry Wahls 2015 book “ The Wahls Protocol (I’m on page 278). He also participated in the 2013 study on drug therapies and medicine not the lifestyle for MS as published in Daily Neurological Sciences.

I’ve been very influenced by the brilliant work of Dr. Terry Wahls, professor George Jelinek and Dermot O’Connor. Much respect to his pioneering work in the field of complementary medicine for MS! Without their books and websites still I am sick. you want to know more about nutrition and medicine lifestyle for MS? Join me on Saturday April 16th.

Nissa is running a free talk about complementary medicine for MS Saturday 16 April (see details below). RSVP to reserve your place by calling 49564266 or by sending an email [email protected] Facebook event here

CM for MS talk 16th April

I wish you good health and all the rewards it offers!


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