Lucid dreamers show greater insight in waking life

Natural Health News – People who are aware that they are dreaming asleep when they have best of average problem solving capabilities, new research has found.

Experts from the University of Lincoln, UK, say those who experience ‘lucid dream’ – a phenomenon by which a sleeping person can recognize that they are dreaming – can solve problems in the world wakefulness better than those who are not aware of sleep until they wake up.

The study examined 68 participants aged between 18 and 25 who had experienced different levels of lucid dreaming, from never to several times a month. They were asked to solve 30 problems designed to test penetration. Each problem consisted of three words and a word solution.

Each of the three words could be combined with the word solution to create a new compound word. For example, with the words “arena”, “mile” and “age”, linking the word would be “stone”.

The results, published in the journal of the American Psychological Association, Dream showed that frequent lucid dreamers solved 25% more insight problems that lucid dreamers.

According to Dr. Patrick Bourke, professor of the Faculty of Psychology of Lincoln, this is the first study to demonstrate the empirical relationship between lucid dreaming and insight.

From dream to reality

The concept of lucid dreaming was explored in the beginning 2010 film where dreamers were able to detect inconsistencies in his sleep. It is believed that some people are able to do this due to a higher level of penetration, ie, their brains detect that they are in a dream because the events would have the opposite direction.

This cognitive ability translates into the waking world when it comes to finding the solution to a problem by detecting hidden connections or inconsistencies, researchers say.

says Bourke. “It is believed that for dreamers to become lucid during sleep, have to look beyond the overwhelming reality of your dream state, and recognize that they are dreaming

“it was found that the same cognitive ability has not been demonstrated during the vigil for the ability of a person to think differently when it comes to solving problems.”

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