LoveBean – Quality Organic Fudge Superfood Spread?

Lovebean is a company that produces vegetarian, organic treats for the general public. This is our opinion.

What is Lovebean?

When you are a vegetarian who wants a taste of something sweet, the biggest challenge is being able to find something that suits their particular dietary preferences. So many products are by-products of animal origin ingredients, which makes it difficult to be able to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, the next time you feel a craving for something sweet, try one of the products of Lovebean.

Lovebean is a company with a small selection of products, but they are all high quality. Whether you’re a vegetarian lactose intolerant, or restricted on a diet, it does not matter with these products. The company produces chocolate and caramel with:

  • no milk
  • I am not
  • No refined sugars
  • No GMO
  • gluten

Each recipe is made strictly with organic ingredients, which gives the pure flavor and unstifled chocolate and candy always desired. To sweeten the treatment, the company adds a touch of coconut nectar rather filling the bottle with artificial sugars. These sugars can spike the blood glucose, which is especially dangerous for diabetics.

Making these high quality products is not easy. There is much more you can learn about the trip to offer products Lovebean the general public.

The Lovebean Story

Manufacturers of these products came up with the idea of ​​creating these vegetarian delight after a visit to Costa Rica use. With so many raw materials, it may be a surprise that organic chocolate was still not an option in local markets. I decided to make the change, Mr. Lovebean decided to take on the delicate art of inventing such a food. It took a couple of weeks, but soon created the first “chocolate bar in a jar.”

The chocolate was completely black heat-resistant in Costa Rica, which makes an excellent gift for anyone. Local markets were so enthusiastic enough to urge Mr. Lovebean take the idea back to Austin, Texas.

The company has been operating for more than two years, and the main reason is quality. Each batch is made by hand, which ensures that the product maintains the quality. No sugar and only organic ingredients, you can enjoy this treat on any night of the week without fault.

Lovebean products

As mentioned above, Lovebean has a very small selection of products. However, the benefit of this restriction makes it so workers can focus on maintenance of quality, but without resorting to commercial production methods.

Most products contain virgin coconut oil , which is a much healthier to help spreadable product option. Most other companies use some type of preservative, but Lovebean want to make sure you have the safest and tastiest recipe available. Here is a little more information about each of the seven products offered through Lovebean

vegan raw chocolate spread

The spread of vegan raw chocolate is purely sweetened with the help of organic coconut nectar and vanilla powder. With hints of citrus and vanilla, Lovebean has created a taste that is slightly lighter than the black chocolate flavor. The recipe has not been heated, and maintains the texture spread with extra virgin olive oil added.

One bottle is 280 grams, which is equivalent to about five chocolate bars. With just four ingredients, this recipe is based on the simplicity of its flavor. This vessel is priced at $ 9.99 currently.

healthy Hazelnut Spread

The healthy hazelnuts has a rich flavor, complemented with a slightly crunchy texture. The base mix is ​​crude dark chocolate essence Lovebean. The product is sweetened with coconut nectar, and is equal to about five chocolate bars from 280g jar. This article is also safe for paleo diets. With only five ingredients, ensures Lovebean this recipe sticks to the flavors you like. You get a bottle of 280 grams for $ 10.99.

vegan Dulce de Leche

The sweet taste vegan milk has a coconut base, which is mixed with sea salt and caramel. However, with all these delicious ingredients, you need not worry about dairy products in the mix. You can use the top of many different desserts and candies. The bottle of 280 grams is priced at only $ 9.99.

vegan chocolate spread

Spread Vegan Chocolate is similar to the spread of vegan raw chocolate in texture, but is sweetened with sugar organic coconut instead of organic coconut nectar and vanilla powder. This product contains organic milk to help with the velvety texture. A bottle of 280 grams is priced at $ 9.99.

Raw Chocolate Spread

The spread raw chocolate comes in a pack of 10 compression packages, each containing 20 g of propagation. If you want to have a sweet without the mess, this is your best solution. No tools required, making it easy to take these for a snack road trip. The recipe inside is the same as the spread of essentially unprocessed chocolate. This package is priced at $ 17.99.

hazelnut chocolate

The spread of hazelnut chocolate is the same as the spread listed above, except that the delicious recipe obtained in ten small tubes. This portable method allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth anywhere. The set is priced at $ 17.99.

Milk Caramel

This candy is also available in packages of compression, and is the same recipe as candy listed above. However, this candy includes organic coconut puree. A box ten costs $ 17.99.


You have the option to purchase these products online or at a local store. If you decide to buy online, you just add the item to your cart to pay with a credit card or PayPal.

If you prefer to find in stores, then it may be more limited. At this time, the product is sold through natural Groceries, and only in places

  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Kansas
  • Missouri

Contact Lovebean

If still have questions about products or processes in Lovebean, you can fill in the blank form online. You will receive an email response.


While Lovebean can have a very small selection of products, their recipes are much healthier than most chocolate and caramel spreads offered. With minimal sugar and dairy, anyone is able to mix this in your snack regular meal, regardless of dietary restrictions.

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