Lose 3kg Of Your Weight In Just 1 Day: This Is The Only Diet On Which You Can Hold On Non- Stop!


There are various and numerous diets with different nutrition regimens, but many of them due to health security are not recommended for longer period of time. On the other hand, there is the danger of yo-yo effect, once you stop her, the weight will return to you. This diet can be practiced without interruption, since it does not cut the necessary supplies that are essential for the body.

This is the diet with the new moon. New Moon has the greatest influence when young and full. Although this diet is very effective it is also excellent in the psychological aspect, because in its phase is changed from week to week in the natural cycles of the first phase of the moon. At first difficulty will feel, but after two or three months when introduced into the rhythm of what we no longer have any problem and constantly continue to eat in this way, as it will be satisfied by the results, which motivate to go beyond.

How to use this diet?

At first find out what the day of the new moon. (It can be found on the Internet)

First week

On the first day of the new moon, you should not eat anything. penetrates or fresh water for drinking tea. If you can not stand it, you can drink natural juice of fruits and vegetables, but without sugar. During the day, you need to drink plenty of fluids, if possible up to 5 liters. You can add small amount of pepper in a pint of water and a small amount of grated ginger (just a little, just to spice up its flavor, do not exaggerate). If strictly follow these rules, only on this day you can lose up to 3 kg. Start eating the next day, but consume only very light food. Towards the end of the first week, cutting bread and pasta and carbohydrates only consume brown rice and meat to eat only meat. Eating lots of vegetables and the large amount of salad at night.

Second week

For breakfast you can add the biscuit and butter, eggs and a slice of cheese. Continue with the regime of the first week of the following remained days, but make sure breakfast is stronger.

Third week

Third Week, which begins when the moon is full and starts to fall, continue with the regime of the second week, but this time for dinner, plus salad, you can add the meat.

Fourth week

You can eat anything in the last week of the cycle, but be careful with sugar, do not overdo it because the body is already accustomed to less sugar than before. Eat what you want, but with moderate levels without exaggeration.

When the day of the new moon will come again, everything starts from begging. The phases of the diet are adjusted with the natural cycles and the body will quickly get used to them.

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