Long Forgotten Herb For Which The Doctors In The World Know That It Is Even Healthier Than The Garlic! Here Is That Herb

This is a medicinal herb whose properties are not well known. This herb is recommended by all practitioners of alternative medicine. There are several synonyms for this herb as sremush, wild garlic and wild garlic. It is used to prevent inflammatory infections mucus, which acts positively on the elimination of intestinal parasites and among people has been known since ancient times and is considered as herb that is used to purify the self healing system digestive, liver and blood.

is excellent for the cardiovascular system, reduces hypertension and helps with atherosclerosis. Heals wounds due to its antibacterial properties, clean respiratory channels, helps in the treatment of bronchitis, insomnia and various types of headaches.

Many scientists in the field of biochemistry consider the wild garlic is much healthier than regular garlic, because it is rich with various minerals, sugar, essential oils, carotene, vitamin C and alicin. Rejuvenates blood vessels and makes them more elastic.

If people often use as a food supplement will no longer have problems with many diseases. Wild garlic can be marked in various ways in food, such as adding to soups or broths, combined with lettuce.

The leaves of this plant should be harvested before flowering, and garlic should be picked in late summer or early fall and it many drugs different can be made.

Wild garlic acts favorably on the body and must be consumed at least three weeks. Alternative medicine recommends tincture sremush for high blood pressure and clogged blood vessels.

Tincture against hypertension

Ingredients: 1 liter of brandy, 250gr of teeth sremush

in a glass bottle instead of 3.4 fingers brandy and add the garlic cloves previously cracked the sremush. Mix teeth with brandy and transfer the mixture into dark glass bottles and fill the bottle with brandy maintained. The dye must stand for 14 days at room temperature and occasionally be shaken. After 14 days, strain the content and resulting tincture store in the refrigerator.

Use :. Consume 20 drops of tincture in the morning and evening mixed with ½ cup milk or yogurt, milk must be preheated

Source: www.healthyfoodstar.com

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