Local couple fight against body diseases with a line of herbal products and natural remedies

Duenweg, Mo. – Once upon a time, a boy met a girl. Both were working at Branson, and both joked that they were not looking for a relationship.

But somehow, the couple fell in love and then fell in love. Twenty-five years later, they added nine children, several pets and a family business.

Shannon and Ingrid Shewmake live outside of Joplin with their children: Ibrinee, 22; Brekken, 20; Ryker, 18; Metayah, 16; Dekklan, 10; Bowen, 8; Zadduck, 6; Selah, 4; and Maleiah, 2.

Together with their children, they run Shew Crew Creations, a holistic herbal health business that includes everything from herbal tinctures, teas and "No-Joe," an alternative to herbal coffee, to lip balm and skin.

In addition, Shannon is the pastor of Abundant Grace Family Fellowship, an integrated family community that meets in homes.

How it began

Ingrid was introduced to herbs and natural remedies while living in Branson. Its owners were, as she described, "in a crunchy and natural lifestyle."

The gift of a book, "Recipe for nutritional healing," described different ways for them to use essential oils and herbal remedies to create a healthier lifestyle.

When the couple started having children, Ingrid said she would go to the book and, little by little, began to find ways to help her immediate family. His efforts later expanded to local friends and extended family members.

One day, he made a Facebook post on his personal profile, saying he had spent the day making homemade soap, wet wipes and elderberry syrup. A friend in Texas replied: "I need this."

Thus was born Shew Crew Creations. Five years later, the effort has become a family business based on social networks with clients from coast to coast.

Shannon gives credit to Ingrid's compassion and customer service as the reason why the business has grown steadily.

"She has the desire to help people and cares about what they need," Shannon said. "She really wants to meet people's needs."

Ingrid jokes that she now has a library of reference books that she often studies while preparing new teas, tinctures or glycerites for her family and clients.

"I don't move hastily," Ingrid said. “I think and pray before starting something new. The more I read about healing and nourishing the body, the more fascinated I became. ”

Shewmakes do not reject Western medicine. In fact, they joke that they have the best doctor (an osteopathic medicine doctor). They work with their doctor to find natural ways, through diet, supplements and exercise, to solve medical problems.

In one case, one of her older daughters had problems related to her menstrual cycle. Ingrid worked to develop an herbal remedy that helps not only regulate the cycle, but also helps with cramps and other problems.

When Shannon was diagnosed with anxiety, Ingrid looked for an herbal solution. She discovered that her anxiety could be caused by a low level of magnesium. She developed an herbal balm that contains magnesium, lavender and chamomile. Rubbed into the skin, Ingrid discovered that balm often promotes better sleep, relieves leg cramps and calms anxieties, in addition to providing a magnesium supplement.

"Western medicine can say taking one pill a day," Ingrid said. “Herbal medicine can meet many needs. It helps the body restore its functions while drinking tea two or three times a day. "

Ingrid has found that herbal remedies are a gentle way to help a person's body heal, without severe side effects.

"I love this quote:" Natural is no alternative, but original, "Ingrid said." We are not anti-doctors in any way. "

When a lactation consultant told Ingrid that she might need to supplement breast milk with formula during her sixth and seventh pregnancy, Ingrid began looking for solutions.

"As a natural and crunchy mother, it was a big kick in the teeth," Ingrid said with a smile. "So I started researching herbs and studying what would nourish my body while producing milk to nourish (my son)."

From this need arose a "milky milk tincture" and a "milky milk tea".

A similar need for something to calm a child's stomach led to the development of a series of "Tummy Relief" products, including a tea that Selah, 4, calls "her belly tea."

Ingrid developed products to relieve teething after her favorite teething tablets were recalled.

When his daughter Metayah and some of his youngest children kept asking for coffee, Ingrid worked to find a healthier alternative. Thus was born his "No-Joe" line.

Made with roasted chicory, carob, barley, dandelion roots and hazelnuts, the product is made like coffee but does not contain caffeine.

When her youngest children had Kool-Aid at a birthday party, she developed her "Summertime Pink" tea, a mixture of hibiscus, nettle, lemon balm and spearmint. Mixed with raw honey and some pure cane sugar, Ingrid said her children love to see a jug in the refrigerator.

"We just like to keep everything as natural as possible in our lives," Ingrid said. "I don't give medical advice, but what I'm trying to do is provide suggestions and educate people about their options."

One of its best-selling products is elderberry syrup that is taken as a way to boost a person's immune system during the cold and flu season.

When a client asked about alternatives, because his son was allergic to one of the syrup components, Ingrid developed a slightly different version that met the family's needs.

"It can cost a little," Shannon said, "but in the long run, it's a blessing to both parties."

Whats Next

The couple is reflecting on what could be in their future as demand for their products grows.

They are considering opening an Etsy store, called Shew Crew Mercantile. Not only would he offer herbal products but he could also present some products developed by his children, such as photography and works of art by Ibrinee and homemade clothing from Brekken and Metayah.

In addition to Facebook, family products can be found at Joplin’s Higdon Florist and at New Life Spa in Grove, Oklahoma. They are also in conversations with other people, including a personal trainer, about the placement of their items.

People interested in obtaining more information about Shew Crew Creations can visit the store's Facebook page by searching for "Shew Crew Creations". The family can also be contacted at [email protected]

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