Lift Your Legs On Every 5 Minutes


In order to stay fresh and focused while working, allow yourself a little break and return its freshness doing exercises you can do at work. Heat the body with five minutes of running in place. Use every opportunity to stretch your body and burn calories, what you can do if you just get up and walk around the office while talking on the phone. Or, you can also lift your feet every five minutes in order to stimulate blood flow, which prevents swelling of the legs.

arm exercises

Expand your hand as if you want to get something. Do the same with the other hand as well. Then interlace the fingers and stretch your arms as high as possible. In this way the muscles of the back stretch.

The stretching of the whole body

standing next to the table and spread your legs as wide as your shoulders. Raise your hands up and slowly lean forward until your hands touch the desktop.

tired back

Today people spend much of their time in front of the computer, and It causes fatigue in the back. As you sit in your chair, straighten your back, although the back of the chair arms extended in front of you and spread your legs slightly. Lean forward and touch the floor with your hands. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then return to his body in the normal position.

relax your neck

While sitting you can practice exercises head and neck. Rotations of the head and neck to the left and right, or turn them on both sides. Make flexion of the head and neck to the breastbone, and then thrown head and neck back.

against the neck pain

While sitting in the chair, straighten your back, although the backing chair and put his hands behind his neck and interlace your fingers. Then push your head forward with your hands until your chin touches your chest.

Stand up and lift one leg on the desk and keep the other righted. Slowly bend the leg leaning over the table, and the other leg does not move. Repeat the same but replacing the positions of the legs. Repeat the exercise as much as your time allows. It is very important to inhale air through the nose and exhaling through the mouth during exercise. The best way to practice is near an open window because the oxygen facilitate the exercise.

knee exercises

stand in front of the chair so that one of his heels should be simple in the nest in his chair, and the other foot has to be firmly fixed on the ground. Tighten the knee of the raised leg and stay in that position for a few seconds. Repeat with the other leg as well.

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