Leading US Yogurt Maker Dannon Announces Shift Toward Non-GMO Ingredients, Including Non-GMO Feed for Dairy Cows

From its flagship brands, Dannon eliminate GMO ingredients in their products and their use supply non-GMO for their dairy cows

Leading US Yogurt Maker Dannon Announces Shift Toward Non-GMO Ingredients, Including Non-GMO Feed for Dairy Cows

under a new supply system, working farms with Dannon to respect the rules of animal welfare and agricultural sustainability of the company will be required.

In a maker of yogurt larger movement worthy of mention that aims to make the most of its role as a leader in the dairy industry in the United States, Danone, country has announced a large-scale plan to improve sustainability within their supply chains, as well as a shift away from genetically modified ingredients.

In a system of new supply chain farms working with Dannon to respect animal welfare standards of the company will be required, and implement “the sustainable agricultural practices and technology leading to better soil health, improved water management, increased biodiversity, and reduced carbon emissions. “

in addition to the transition to the ingredients are not genetically modified in its flagship chains Dannon Oikos, and Danimals, Dannon has also committed to the transition to non-GMO feed for their dairy cows over the next three years. It is expected that non-GM transitions for the remaining portfolio of Dannon to follow. For now, following the mandatory labeling of GMOs approved by the state of Vermont, Dannon begin to label their GMO products throughout the country.

Dannon changes will be visible to the public in early July, when their brands and logo will not include GMO ingredients.

“We have created a new way of working with dairy farmers to improve our shared priorities of sustainability,” said Mariano Lozano, president of Danone. “Our goal is to produce healthy food that is affordable, create economic and social value and nurtures natural ecosystems through sustainable agriculture. Although the trip is separate from that of our organic sister companies, we have learned much from and are inspired by Stonyfield and Happy Family, “which are majority owned by Dannon.

“While this commitment is ambitious, we believe it is necessary to continue serving the US the use of sustainable and transparent model,” Lozano said.

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