Le Jéune Cream – Best Facial Anti-Wrinkle Skincare?

Le Jeune Face Cream is a formula that is designed to help consumers look young and vibrant. This is our opinion.

What is Le Jeune facial cream?

Le Jeune Face Cream is a topical lotion that is supposed to eliminate signs and appearance of aging skin. Getting older is a difficult process for many women. While it may have had skin and a bright smile as a younger woman glowing, natural changes that occur during their later years can be removed from the production of collagen and elastin. These nutrients are essential to hydrated and beautiful skin . Because these nutrients are prevalent level as you age, the skin begins to become thinner and more wrinkled. Facial cream le Jeune aims to solve that problem.

Le Jeune facial cream is designed to help consumers look younger and regain the confidence that youth. However, Le Jeune facial cream seems to be very similar to other skin care products that are no longer available.

According to the claims of the website of Le Jeune face cream, regular use of this product can help your skin by:

  • Reducing the appearance of puffiness obvious
  • the decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrating deeply
  • prevention of free radicals that cause damage

How facial cream Le Jeune work?

With all these benefits, you may wonder how the cream is so effective in eliminating the problems usually seen as you age. According to Le Jeune, the formula used a method of supplying moisture to the skin than other creams can not.

Le Jeune states that other companies have hydration molecules that are too large to be absorbed through the skin. They will say that deliver whole molecules to the skin, but there is no indication of how this is different from other products. While molecules can be delivered in different sizes, there is no scientific indication that any water molecule would have difficulty penetrating the surface.

By using this product and these ingredients can stay away from costly and painful treatments that are supposed to also remove fine lines and even out skin discoloration. Some other procedures include injections, plastic surgery, or laser treatment. As for effectiveness, the only difference between Le Jeune facial cream and these methods is the permanence of the solution.

As a result of these ingredients, collagen and elastin are supposedly powered, which means that your skin looks plumper and healthier.

Using facial Le Jeune Cream

There are no directions on the website to indicate how to use the particular product, so you have to assume that the package includes appropriate instructions. However, since Le Jeune facial cream is a lotion it is safe to assume that can be used to replace regular moisturizer on your routine skin care every day.

Le Jeune facial cream orders

The price of Le Jeune facial cream is where the company is a bit reserved. When you initially enter the page, you are encouraged to select “My probe” because the company states that there is very little time available for the asking. However, if you have seen other products with this ad before it is safe to say that this is a ploy to get consumers to buy the product before the page is closed. If you really want the product, it is likely to appear under a different name soon enough.

If you choose to participate in the trial, the icon that leads to the order screen after you enter your information. On the screen, you are able to see that you are about to order a 30-day supply, and that its only obligation is $ 4.89 for postage. While the company announces a “sole discretion,” you need to see the smallest and lightest color print below to see what you’re actually getting into.

The fine print starts with stating: “This is not an offer risk-free trial.” The paragraph goes on to explain that the trial period is actually only 14 days, despite the fact that you are getting enough of the product for the whole month. Unfortunately, the use of a system of skin care for 14 days is not enough time to see results, which is probably what Jeune is based on. If you cancel before 14 days, you may be subject to a retention rate of $ 9.95 to keep the product. No details on what is being evaluated dictate the fee or not.

If the product is maintained beyond 14 days, you will be charged $ 97.24 on the card you used for shipping. Also, do not return the item that is part of the auto-shipping, which means you will be charged $ 97.24 every month until you cancel the program. Even if any order of products that are over 30 days old canceled are not eligible for a refund, even if the package has not been tampered with.

contact Le Jeune

If you have any questions about the product or the number of members, there are multiple options. To contact customer service by phone, call 1-888-604-9168. The department is from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm CST, seven days a week.

If you want to send your inquiry after business hours, send your email to [email protected]

If you have to return the products, or to send correspondence by mail, send your package or envelope to:

Le Jeune
120 E 8th Street, Suite 301
Los Angeles , CA 90014


the main problem with Le Jeune facial cream is that the formula is exactly the same as other companies skin care that have announced before. With the exception of the name and style of the product container, this product has the accurate same description as other regimes skin care have had. In addition, the images on the page to advertise products specifically state that the images are “simulated”, which means that the models have not used the products and only announce young skin .

Consumers should avoid using this product continuously, since it has been marketed as many other names.

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