Latest Research Shows That This Plant Kills Cancer Cells and Stops Diabetes

In the fight to find a cure for cancer, Dr. Frank Shallenberger was trying to find a substance It interrupts the odd natural metabolism of cancer cells. Their findings include resveratrol, green tea, Seanol, and others. However, his most recent research found a fruit that was effective to kill pancreatic cancer cells. This beneficial fruit is popular in Okinawa, Japan, and is called “bitter melon”.

Bitter melon turned out to be extremely efficient in cell lines of pancreatic cancer harmful when diluted to 5% in water. Experts say that bitter melon juice reduces the viability of cell lines of colon cancer by 90% and killed the two remaining lines at a rate of 98%. However, there was doubt whether these effects are the same in the case of animals and humans. However, it turned out that the answer is yes.

Namely, researchers at the University of Colorado dosed mice bitter melon and found a 64% reduction in tumor size pancreas without any side effect. The dose was the same as six grams of powder for average sized human. In addition, this excellent fruit provides great benefits to diabetics as well. The research showed that helps improve metabolic problems for their effects on glucose metabolism. However, if you have cancer or diabetes, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor if you should combine treatment with bitter melon other beneficial treatments in order to obtain better results in the fight against the disease.



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