Ladies Who Laptop: Chatting with Sarah Boyd of Simply Stylist

Chatting with Sarah Boyd of Simply Stylist

Hi ladies, is Anna of Fash Boulevard here again with another edition of our Ladies Portable series of interviews . focus of this month is a professional when it comes to dominate the digital world. Thanks to 10 years of pounding the pavement PR, an ethical old school work, and a passion for helping is easy to see why women driven looking to connect with tasters elite are running for a place in your inbox. Sarah Boyd, the impressive head girl behind the huge success Just stylist has made it his mission to raise the game of networks “like-minded fashion, beauty girls, and geniuses technology”, wanting to work, win and be successful. It has not only grown its brand and network to include a group of A-list celebrities, but she was not even called Forbes, “Boss Woman to see.”

impressed yet? Let’s dive into the inspiring world of Sarah and learn more …

Our latest Ladies Who Laptop installment is all about Sarah Boyd

For readers who are unfamiliar, what is simply stylist?

Just stylist is a platform for connection within the industries of fashion and beauty. Our goal is to show the real trends in the industry editors, stylists, bloggers, designers, makeup artists and stylists are really starting trends, but they do not nearly get as much credit they deserve, which is why I wanted to show and create a way for people influential up-and-coming to learn the things they need to know before going into an important meeting that could make or break his career. You can think of us as the bridge that connects it to other fashionistas like-minded, babies beauty and genius of technology, and allows you to tap into the minds of the main factors of influence style. We currently have three annual conferences in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, and offer monthly workshops of three hours on different topics, such as blogs, social networks, income generation, and more!

worked in fashion PR for 10 years, before jumping into the business world. How was that leap happened?

Make the initial jump and quit my job to just start stylist was a huge risk, but it was totally worth it! I went to school for fashion marketing at the University of Philadelphia because I wanted to be a buyer at the time. I quickly realized purchase was not for me, I knew that fashion was my calling, just did not know where I fit. My sister, who is about 10 years older than me, was living in Los Angeles and in the process of starting a public relations agency of fashion. So, I moved to Los Angeles to help start the company, and got used to the company from scratch. I worked there for about 10 years, made tons of great relationships, and really built an amazing career, but I saw a missing link between influencers and industry, which is where it came just stylist.

Meet entrepreneur, Sarah Boyd of Simply Stylist

What inspired you to just start stylist?

saw a need for it! I’ve always been a “connector” for as long as I can remember and when I was working in the way of PR, I found connecting people on a daily basis. I found many people who wanted to become stylists, editors and makeup artists, but you really need the connection to succeed. He was constantly getting in touch with the new internal or bloggers with fashion designers stylists. I said to myself, “How I can do this all the time and do it as my job?” I was lucky to have a sister who helped me get my foot in the door, but not everyone has that opportunity. Our goal is to connect and help these men and women to get that handshake that need or a foot in the door industry.

What are the sessions just stylist and how they originated?

Simply stylist sessions are monthly workshops versions of the work sessions we have during our annual conferences are expanded. Each session is based on a different theme and is taught by industry experts fashion, beauty, and technology. They are also an opportunity to interact with the speaker and other attendees later.

What inspired Sarah Boyd to start Simply Stylist

What is a typical day at the office Just stylist?

We have a good mix between work and fun. We are a small office, so it’s easy to get caught in the tasks of everyday life without even realizing it. The key is to incorporate aspects of the culture of starting with small fragments of the corporate structure. We have business lunches and meetings on a weekly basis, but we are not afraid to share our views … or jump from one working day to attend the recording of The Price is Right !

What is one of the greatest lessons he has learned since launching his own company?

is better to give than to receive in the business. For example, if you meet someone for the first time and say “Hi, I’m the producer for E! News,” and you are dying to be presented there, not throw away. Just say “amazing, how I can help you with what you need?” When you’re starting with new relationships, you should never ask for anything; you should always give and look as help rather than take. is coming back at the end of ten times.

Behind the scenes of Simply Stylist with founder Sarah Boyd

What is the best part of your job? What is the hardest part?

Let’s start with the hardest part first: Finance will have to be the hardest part of my job, as they are 100% self-funded and have zero financial support. It is not impossible, but I’ve definitely encountered some obstacles due to it. As for the best part, I would have to say wake up and do what I like is something I can not complain. I enjoy connecting people, so the fact that I can make a living doing is a bonus! I never feel like I’m really ‘working’ because I am passionate about what I do.

How Sarah Boyd found her work/life balance

recently welcomed a beautiful girl. How has it been juggling motherhood and business owner?

is so hard to leave her pretty face that is just now starting to smile back to me! I am currently part-time in the office and work part time from home. My husband keeps me under control in terms of balance as well. He always makes sure to keep a balance between family and work. I check emails between meals, make calls when you’re a nap, and Never interrupt family time with work everything inbetween.

Sarah Boyd of Simply Stylist

is very passionate about helping connect people with their dream jobs. Can you share a story that has had the greatest impact on your life?

Jamie Chung Jamie … I previously knew through my PR background and one day she expressed interest in starting a blog, and we were able to turn that vision into reality very quickly. We have launched their blog, What the Chung , and since then it has become a serious force to be reckoned with in the digital world. But the reason for his particular story had such an impact on me is because it gave me the push to just start Digital Network, which is a platform that bridges the gap between influencers, tastemakers, and brands in industries fashion and beauty. Since its launch, we have been able to grow with Jamie, and now we have a customer list including Alessandra Ambrosio, Catt Sadler, Ali Fedotowksy, Audrina Patridge, Cara Santana, Olivia Culpo, Louise Roe, and more. However, none of this would have been possible if it were not for Jamie’s interest in taking the digital space with us.

How Sarah Boyd helps others find their dream jobs

For all the dreamers out there-the-fresh out of college future entrepreneurs-What advice would you?

I think my most important piece of advice is to be willing to work hard. I see so many children who do not have the work ethic we used to back in the day. You can not just walk in and expect that everything will be delivered to you. Hard work is needed. If you’re just starting out, always remember that you have to put in the time if you want to succeed. This means that there is no sign ahead of time without taking off. There are 50 other people behind you who will have his job in a second.

Our latest Ladies Who Laptop is all about Sarah Boyd

What’s in store for just stylist for 2016?

We are doing a lot in 2016! We have three conference-L.A. March 19 The Grove, Chicago on July 16 ap at the Dana Hotel and New York City in October and our monthly meetings. In addition, we are announcing a new city (International) soon so stay tuned by signing up for our weekly newsletters ( ). We love connecting like-minded entrepreneurs and can not wait to continue stories of how just stylist helped someone to get your foot in the door hearing.

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