KrowdFit Crowdfunded Wellness Rewards Program

ways companies are encouraging people to get healthy and fit are becoming more and more creative. While a few years ago, the idea of ​​being able to track how much a person running seemed like a big deal, today there portable technology that can control how people sleep, what they eat, how fast their hearts beat and how many calories you have burned. All these amazing methods are aimed at keeping people healthy and help them change their lifestyle for the better.

The problem with all these methods is that, while large, can not encourage people to actually stick with your healthy lifestyle. In fact, most portable applications or fitness technology gets tossed aside after a few weeks of being purchased. So, yes, all the creative ways that are used to make healthy people are great, but they do not last.

KrowdFit aimed at changing the way to regain health. Instead of creating a new service or device, KrowdFit created a program that offered people the monetary rewards to be healthy. The company has discovered what most people know instinctively :. Money is a great motivator

What is KrowdFit?

Founded by Jim Miller, KrowdFit is a wellness rewards program that uses the concept of crowdfunding to encourage its members to be active. KrowdFit focuses on rewarding the efforts of its members make to start and continue a healthier life, whether it is eating better, sleep better , or exercise plus. By using fitness equipment and technology that have already swept the world, KrowdFit is able to keep their committed and responsible in their travels health members.

KrowdFit understands that the hardest part of adopting a healthy lifestyle is what makes a habit. To combat this fight, the program aims to provide encouragement, recognition, support, reward, and a little competition. By creating an environment where users can push themselves and the people around them, KrowdFit has helped more and more people to make better choices of diet and exercise that can be maintained throughout life.

How KrowdFit works

The concept of KrowdFit is relatively easy to understand. Members pay a monthly fee to join the group. Then choose a gift that matches the goals they are trying to establish themselves. What happens is that KrowdFit members can join as many gifts as they want, as many times as they want. The only limit you have KrowdFit is that members can not win a clear indication twice.

Once a member is attached to a draw, which should strive to achieve their goals for that period of time, which varies be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. Each drawing has its own rules for what to do to get a ticket, if it comes to sleep a certain number of hours or walk a certain number of feet.

When the back draw has come to an end, a number of winners are chosen at random and the prize money is divided between them. The number of winners and the winning amount varies from draw to draw.

The best part about how KrowdFit works is that it does not reward members of the number of entries you have, indicating how well they did for the time period. It is collected at random, which is just a way to get everyone excited and involved, no matter how much they are able to participate in KrowdFit.

KrowdFit draws

There are five main draws with KrowdFit. Each has its own different goals to achieve and releases a different amount of money after a different time period. The variety of gifts KrowdFit offers is just one of the many ways that is so appealing.

Power Draw – $ 1500

This sweepstakes allows each meal tickets being registered. After a week, twelve winners are chosen to divide a prize of $ 1,500, which comes to $ 125 per person

Sleep Draw – $ 2000

The draw Sleep allows members win an entry for each six, seven or eight hours of sleep I’ve had in one night. After a month, eight winners are chosen to divide a prize of $ 2,000, which comes to $ 250 per person.

Steps Draw – $ 5000

For the draw step, members are given an entry for every 5,000 steps they take. This award is given every quarter and the $ 5,000 prize is divided between two winners, giving each winner $ 2,500.

Activity of the draw – $ 20.000

The second gift larger than the KrowdFit is the draw for the activity. Then, members are given an entry for every hour of activity log. Each quarter, the four winners receive $ 5,000 each.

$ 1 million fitness Draw

The latest and greatest of gifts offered in KrowdFit is the million dollar sweepstakes. While this has not been determined yet, members are able to win tickets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They are given tickets to access the system, synchronize their devices, and recording meals. When the draw, one of the members will get $ 25,000 is won every year for 40 years or will have $ 550,000 in cash.

KrowdFit Results

While money is a major aspect of the program, which is really important for the company is that if its members are actually seeing results from using the system. And the answer is yes, the KrowdFit members are actually getting healthier.

statistics KrowdFit are broken down as follows:

  • eating habits 67% of members have improved
  • 37% of users have lost weight
  • 37% of the members have more energy
  • 27% of members have improved their sleep
  • 60% of the members are walking more

Make money it is large and is a real motivation for members, but the results showing KrowdFit members are just changing your lifestyle is the only thing that really matters.

Along with KrowdFit

There are three main ways to join KrowdFit. Two of them have a monthly payment option, while the third is an annual payment.

$ 12.99 for a month, users can become a member Krowd. Basically, this gives them access to raffles and prizes, and allows them to use their own device.

For $ 22.99 a month, users can become Krew Kaptain. Again, these users can bring their own devices, or you can combine a biometric device. However, Kaptains are able to start their own business KrowdFit, get a distributor kit, ID, and commissions. For more information, interested parties should visit

business and companies can register all their belongings to employees for corporate KrowdFit through Krew. These plans are priced according to the size and needs of each company.

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