KoleTonics – Quality Kolé Life Foods’ Brain Tonic Beverages?

KoleTonics are a new line of nutritional beverages made by Kole Life Food?. Each juice is designed to provide a different functional benefit. Here is our opinion Kole tonics.

What are KoleTonics?

KoleTonics are a line of drinks designed to deliver different functional benefits. They include varieties like “Dreams”, “light” and “happy”.

Drinks are made by Kole Life Foods, a nutritional supplement company founded by Dr. Bankole Johnson. Dr. Johnson is an award-winning scientist, according to KoleTonics.com, and has made each beverage with “amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs and ingredients” backed by real science to provide real health benefits.

The end result is Kole tonics, marketed as “science-based tonics” promoting “a healthy brain.” They promise to help stimulate your body and mind using more than caffeine and sugar.

KoleTonics How do they work? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.

How KoleTonics work?

Kole tonics all work in a similar way: they promise to give your brain and body amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs and ingredients needed to support healthy activity. All four flavors of Kole tonics have no calories and are flavored with natural flavors.

Kole tonics come in four different varieties, including each of the following:

Dreams: a tonic sleep

This tonic contains 250 mcg (4167)% of the value daily vitamin B12 along with 400 mcg of folic acid and 100 mcg of magnesium. The active ingredient, however, is a 3g dose of melatonin and a dose of 500 mg L-tryptophan. Together, these ingredients are designed to promote a healthy and restful sleep.

Melatonin is a popular ingredient taken before bedtime, and has usually taken at a dose between 0.5 mg and 5 mg – so the dose of 3 mg in dreams is exactly what I would like to see. No calories and no sugar in the formula, although containing natural flavors.

Happy: A feel good Tonic

Happy contains a mixture of berries made with blue raspberries and other ingredients to “support a positive mood, tranquility, bliss, and a feeling of well-being among healthy people. ” ingredients such as niacin is used to promote the flow of blood to the brain heathy, while vitamin B12 promotes healthy brain cells.

A relative thing about Happy is that the manufacturer does not really have their doses list of ingredients: most of the ingredients are hidden behind a proprietary formula. “Caffeine” is one of the ingredients listed. We know the proprietary blend contains 780 mg of total formula (including other four ingredients), but do not know the specific dose of caffeine.

Like other KoleTonics, happy contains no calories and is flavored with natural flavors.

Ignite vitality Tonic

Ignite is a “tonic vitality” that promises to boost your energy using a mixture of traditional herbs increase energy, botanicals and amino acids. The key ingredients that drive this formula include ginseng, oat straw extract, yohimbine HCL, and L-citrulline. Basically, it is a collection of ingredients that increase your energy and widen blood vessels, helping to stimulate circulation throughout the body and improve your physical and mental energy.

There are no calories in Ignite. It is flavored using natural flavors and colors colored with vegetable juice.

Inspire brain Tonic

Brain Tonic Inspire includes a formula called nootropic Cognizin, which is a type of citicoline. There are 500 mg of citicoline and 100 mg of caffeine mixed with high levels of vitamin B12 (500 mcg 8333% DV), thiamine (10 mg of 667% of the daily value), and niacin (16 mg 80% of the daily value).

citicoline, incidentally, is a precursor to choline and acetylcholine in the brain. Choline and acetylcholine are used by the brain to form memories. There are plenty of research indicating a connection between better memory formation and supplementation of choline. In fact, the researchers used in some studies as a way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative neurological diseases.

Basically, it is a mixture of B vitamins, caffeine, choline and help feed your brain all day. Like all other Kole tonics, no calories and the formula is flavored using natural flavors.

KoleTonics pricing

Kole tonics are available exclusively through Amazon, where a pack of 12 is priced at $ 36.

can also save 5 % discount on your order, dropping the price to $ 34.20 if you sign up to receive new shipments every month Kole tonics.

All four flavors Kole Tonics are priced at an identical rate. Each bottle contains 500 ml Kole tonics (16.9 oz fl).

About KoleTonics

KoleTonics are made by a company called Life Food Kole.

Dr. Johnson has an interesting story of how the company was founded. This is what the page About enterprise [http://ifttt/1qvpkisquedeciralrespecto:

“Professor Johnson said:” One day, they sent me to the grocery store for my wife to buy some items. It occurred to me through counters drinks, and was overwhelmed by the large number of products. When I started reviewing what was on offer, two ideas came to mind. One, looking at the formulations of so-called “functional” drinks, most of the ingredients I thought would be little more than a placebo. I thought that with my knowledge of the science of the brain, which could certainly develop more “functional” products that give consumers greater benefit and enjoyment. Secondly, it seemed that virtually all the products on the shelves were there to simply increase physical performance. “

With this in mind, Dr. Johnson proposed to make an alignment of nutritional drinks using ingredients to provide significant health benefits proven.

Dr. Kole Johnson is an active professor at the University of Maryland. He is also the founder and president of Kole Life Food. a warning at the bottom of the Kole website tonics reminds visitors that the University of Maryland does not support Kole tonics, and that the role of professor Johnson in the company has no affiliation with his faculty position.

must be used tonics Kole?

Kole tonics are as potent nootropics wrapped in a liquid formula. Each beverage lists its full range of ingredients and (most of their dosages). they are based on ingredients such as caffeine, B vitamins, and citicoline to achieve its benefits.

More importantly, the company that manufactures Kole tonics was founded by a royal neurologist so this is not a low-quality food supplement made from a mixture of bro-science and / r / nootropics knowledge. It is a drink that uses science-backed ingredients and stronger doses to achieve specific effects on the brain and body.

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