Know What Your Birth Month Says About You And Your Relationship/Love Life!

What can tell a lot about his character and personality and in general on all your life is your birth month. That means you can see what your destination is by month of birth. In numerology, this is a standard practice and in accordance with the experts in the month of birth can affect almost every aspect of his life, career to attitude.
This article is about what each month can speak for you as a person and your life.

1. January is the first month of the year, and that’s why it means governed by the number 1 if a person is born in January. People born in January are independent, analytical and born to be leaders. They are also very creative and stand out from the crowd. They are charismatic and is why many people will no doubt. Men born in January will have a more important role than women born in January to help find success in life.

People born in January have the following personality: They are stubborn, ambitious and serious. They love to teach and enjoy being taught. They are never what they are looking for defects or weaknesses of others. They are intelligent and well organized and is making them hardworking and productive. They have the ability to make others happy and most of the time are very sensitive. They are prone to colds, but resistant to disease. They are loyal and like to be around small children.

According to scientists, people born in January are more likely to have Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy Crohn. They reached this conclusion because they say they are exposed to less sunlight in the womb and in the first months of his life.

2. February is the second month which means that the number 2 is influencing. People born in February will do everything to find their special for them to be related to. Relationship means everything to them. And if they find that special person, they’ll be sad and, finally, they can finish them be in depression. People born in February can take good care of others and that makes them very good parents.

People born in February have the following personality: They are smart and intelligent and have changing personality. They love to reality. They are temperamental and very quiet and shy. They are honest and loyal and they enjoy and love freedom. They are very sensitive and they can do that very easily hurt. They are not shown but they really love to make new friends. They are very beautiful and attractive. Inside they are very romantic. And they will do everything possible to achieve their goals.

According to scientists, people born in January are likely to grown artists. They are also prone to sleep disorders due to the fact that also lack of exposure to sunlight in the uterus.

3. March means that the number 3 is influencing. People born in March are lucky and most of the time are in the right place at the right time. They have the ability to make a lot of money, but they can also lose very quickly. They enjoy being famous. They are infidels and that makes them prone to cling to a relationship. What most people like people born in March is the fact that never grow.

People born in March have the following personality: They are very grateful and return kindness with kindness. They are generous and enjoy helping others. They enjoy traveling and want to be in the spotlight. They have talent for music. They are secret but naturally honest. And they are really attractive and appealing.

Scientists say people born in the mouth are more likely to have asthma and also the unusual brain development especially because it lacks vitamin D due to less exposure to sunlight in the womb.

4. April – influenced by the number 4. People born in April are stubborn and bossy, but they are also very creative and intelligent. They have natural charisma and that is why they are great leaders and natural charisma that will bring many new friends and love their lives. But it can be very bossy push people away from them and once you realize what your goals in life you never stop until they achieve.

People born in April have the following personality: They have strong mentality and are active and dynamic. They love it when someone is giving them attention. They are generous, emotional and can be occasionally aggressive. They are very friendly and enjoy helping your friends and solving their problems. They are very brave and have good memory. They are excellent motivators.

Scientists say people born in the mouth are more likely to become alcoholics and you can guess why – Due to the lack of exposure to sunlight in the womb. They are also at higher risk than others of having autism and depression.

5. May – governed by the number 5. People born in May are talented in music and acting, but they can also be great writers. Marriage is very important for them and one thing that is really important to them is self-expression. Most often it is they are spending on socializing and they really value their friends. They also enjoy having a bit of time in nature.

People born in may have the following personality: They are full of understanding others and have sharp thoughts. They are hard and stubborn heart. But they are highly motivated and enjoy dreaming. They love the arts and literature, and also like to travel. They are workers and people born in May tent for not having many children. They are beautiful inside and outside.

According to scientists persons born in May are open to having diabetes and glaucoma. Scientists believe that this is also due to lack of exposure to sunlight. And that lack of exposure to sunlight is the reason why they have lower IQs.

6. June – governed by the number 6. People born in June have many ideas. They are romantic, but jealous in the relationship. They are fantastic and very sensual lovers. The trouble with people born in June is the fact that most of the time gossiping. But they are not so bad because they have a good heart and do not enjoy being around children even though they really love their family.

People born in June have the following personality: They have many ideas and are polite and very sensitive. They always want the best for them and are temperamental. They are fun and enjoy telling jokes. They enjoy talking and making friends. However, they can be easily hurt and easily bored of something or someone. And when someone or something that hurt them need much time to recover from that.

Scientists say people born in June are more likely to suffer from vision problems because they were not exposed to sunlight in the early months of development. And the most interesting fact people born in June is that June has the highest number of Nobel Prize and CEO.

July 7 – governed by the number 7. People born in July are very concerned about their family and their relationship. They can be cynical and sarcastic and a bit of a lonely and this can really confuse others. When it comes to the way they dress and other habits they have in their life that can be very eccentric. Many geniuses born in July.

People born in July have the following personality: They are difficult to understand. They are reserved and most of the time in silence. They are honest and really care about the feelings of others. They are very sensitive and can easily hurt. They can forgive someone, but they will never forget if someone has done something wrong to them. They enjoy spending some time alone. They are treating everyone equally.

According to scientists persons born in July are more optimistic outlook than those born in the coldest months. Due to the fact that not receive enough sun exposure during the first months they can be shortsighted and usually wear glasses.

8. August – governed by the number 8. Marriage is of great importance for people born in August and that makes people love and balanced. They will always find only the good in people. They have the ability not only to motivate others, but to inspire them too. They enjoy working in a team because they have team spirit and can reach very easy money. Because they are working too hard and too may have health problems because of it.

People born in August have the following personality: They are brave and are not afraid of anything. They are attentive and generous. They enjoy telling jokes when they are near each other. They get very angry if someone is causing them. Can I be jealous too. They are also romantic and affectionate. They want to make new friends. They have talent in the arts of music and defense. Their resistance against diseases.

Scientists say people born in August are more likely to struggle in school. And because they usually do not succeed in school usually they pursue careers.

September 9 – governed by the number 9. They are intelligent and flexible and well organized. People born in September can easily become depressed. They get into trouble sometimes because they tend to over analyze situations.

People born in September have the following personality: They are stubborn, careful, quiet, well organized and are very comfortable if they have to talk in a group. They are loyal and who complete all tasks as needed. They are very confident but very sensitive. They are good motivators and are kept secret. They enjoy playing sports and usually do not show their emotions.

Scientists say people born in September are more likely to finish college and pursue a career. They are the oldest in the class and that is unfair disadvantage.

10. October or mouth in the tenth year and the number 10 has a higher vibration of 1 and will be significant. People born in October are very lucky and always focus on their goals. They are always looking for revenge. They have the potential to be well known leaders.

People born in October have the following personality: They are sensitive and easily hurt, but the good thing is that easily recover. They are loyal and never worry about what others might say about them. They are very emotional and are honest. They are just people, but can easily get jealous. They can easily lose confidence. They respect those who respect them. They enjoy making new friends, who love children.

According to scientists persons born in October live longer because they received the optimum amount of sunlight during pregnancy and early development.

November 11 – number 11 is a higher vibration than 2 and is of great importance for people born in November. They are positive people but they may feel overwhelmed by their own sensitivity and can cause stress and even some health problems. They are great teachers.

People born in November have the following personality: They are unique and think differently than others. They never give up anything. They have great ideas and sharp thinking. They are always thinking something in your mind and they are very patient. It can get really angry so they cause. They like to be alone, although very romantic. They are generous and brave. They can not control their emotions and know how to keep secrets. They are hard working and are not enjoying a lot of traveling.

Scientists say people born in November are pessimistic and scientists believe this because of the fact that they have no exposure to sunlight needed after birth.

12. December – strong affinity with the number 12 which is higher vibration of 3. People born December to value stable lifestyle and are philosophers. Love is easy to find people born in the last month of the year. They have active and to the point that often ignored their responsibilities social life. They are lucky and used that advantage to take risks. People born in December must realize that they are not immortal.

People born in December have the following personality: They are loyal, generous and ambitious. They are impatient and hasty. They are active in games and interactions. They love to be loved and are trustworthy. They are never pretending they are someone they are not. They are not selfish and are changing personality. They are fun and they like to socialize and make new friends. They are attractive and sexy.

According to scientists persons born in December are more likely to have asthma or allergies and believe that this is true because December is the season of colds and flu. Permanent damage can be caused to babies who are four mouths or younger if they have the infection winter below. Bipolar disorder is another problem that many people face born in December due to the fact that lack of sunlight in the early months.




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