Keep Yourself Away From This Oil, It's More Dangerous Than Sugar

is probably still they believe that soybean has some health benefits and it’s a good idea to consume at least some.

However, all that is wrong with it and have been fed a bunch of lies.

the fact that everything they think they know soy is the result of marketing care for years and years that worked so well we must keep in mind that everyone is convinced that a super food that could feed the world and save the environment.

Did you know that zoy products are derived from soybeans, which is dangerous and toxic in nature, although this is not supported by most manufacturers of soy.

soy requires a long treatment in order to become non-toxic and safe for consumption.

too much soy can lead the body to produce steroid hormones , increased risk of developing Alzheimer disease and precocious puberty in girls and delayed physical maturation in children.

In addition, a number of transgenic soybean market around the word that makes it impossible to avoid.

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