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KLB Fitness is an online company that helps consumers achieve their goals weight loss with personalized training plans and pre-made. This is our opinion.

What is the KLB fitness?

If you’ve been overweight all her life, or if you have had recent life changes that have resulted in extra weight in your waist, you’re not alone. Many people gain weight without realizing it until they have more than they used to weigh 20, 30, or even 40 pounds. The slow progression of weight gain is the most dangerous, but realizing the problem is the first step to solving it. When you do not know where to start, KLB Fitness has the solutions and guidance you need.

KLB gymnasium was founded by Karrie Brady, who initially became interested in personal training when she was trying to lose weight herself. When he finally reached his goals, he realized that his commitment not to make the process easier. realize that other people can become discouraged in their own goals, so he followed his personal training certification was given.

The company was founded in early 2015, and decided to continue physical training online to help reach a wider group of people. She attention on their personal and professional motto focuses:

Karrie maintains its own body during their personal time “Progress, not perfection.”. His physical condition has allowed to enter and place in multiple Spartan races and NPS bikini competitions.

KLB fitness programs

Achieve your fitness goals it requires a lot of hard work and determination. Unfortunately, when you do not have a coach or constant reinforcement, it is easy to fall into a frustrated or apathetic attitude. KLB fitness wants to avoid being overwhelmed and exhausted, helping them achieve their goals in the timeline you want. Instead of succumbing to allow his defeated attitude, they formulated several packages that help you follow your goals, without losing sight of its mission.

Each client receives Karrie specialized care, which makes it possible for her to give fitness courses online that actually help your specific body. You may have an idea in mind for what you want the end result to be, but as coach Karrie makes a plan and a reality.

6 months of life Change

Six months is a long commitment to your training program, but the coach backing it up makes it possible with this package. Six months is enough to completely change the way your body is responsible for nutrition and its metabolism time, so this is not a plan for someone who just wants a “quick fix”. The program comes with enough training and eating plans for a total of six months, along with a check in each week to help keep your progress.

Since you are buying a total of six months, you are able to get a discount of $ 100 off the monthly fee. The total cost of this program is $ 500

Transformation Program 3 months

With this program, the company that gives the value of three months plans to help you achieve your loss Weight and fitness goals in a certain amount of time. This is a great plan for anyone who wants to be ready for summer, even if you are already celebrating spring break before it. You basically can transform your body into the shape you want, but the program that the tools you need to get results.

You get the plans for your diet, exercise, and cardio needs for three months and can check in every week. When ordering this package, a discount from the regular monthly rate is obtained, so that the total cost of about $ 265.

Monthly Training

With the monthly coaching, you may not want the long-term commitment to any of the above programs. However, by entering this option, you can get 4 weeks of training, cardio, and meals prepared with input records accountability. You are not required to continue the program, but will have to pay $ 100 per month.

Customized Training Guide

If you know the right way to eat, but need help with your training, this package is the plan for you. The program adapts to its availability, which means you can work at home or in a professional gym. Tell the coach you have to work, and then check in every week to maintain its momentum and increase your results. This package costs $ 75.

Personalized Nutrition Guide

This guide is a great tool for consumers who may have handled their physical condition, but have difficulty adapting to their diet to accommodate your body changing. The program is tailored to their specific needs and nutritional goals, and allows you to check in weekly with their counselor to maintain his responsibility. The program costs $ 75

Training plans pre-made

The pre-made plans are not specific to your body type. Recommended for consumers who do not plan to make a personalized approach, or want to learn new ways to challenge your previous skills. These plans are only $ 40, and you will have access to five different routines. They are:

  • Sexy stomach, a set of 12 different abdominal exercises
  • sculpted shoulders, a set of 8 different shoulder exercises
  • Build loot a set of 10 different leg workouts
  • one Piece volume, a combination of the above workouts to help improve your chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs over a course of four weeks
  • cut full body, 5 a training program of the week that removes fat and build muscle mass in the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs with an additional cardiovascular training

contact KLB fitness

One of the biggest parts of the KL fitness is the need to communicate. The founder is always ready to answer questions, and encourages them as part of personalized plan. The only way available to reach the company at this time is via email to [email protected] This type of response allows the instructor to investigate your question, if necessary, and respond with a polite response to your inquiry.


KLB fitness programs are largely successful routines and eating plans. However, this company steps above the rest, offering weekly check-ins with the founder to help motivate you to keep going. For many people, lack of accountability makes it easier to maintain their momentum. If you are unsure about the program, test the monthly plan or a pre-made routines to see if this is the right program for you.

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