KALA Health MSM Powder – Ultimate Health Benefits

KALA Health MSM Powder claims to be methylsulfonylmethane purest in the world, commonly known as MSM. Here’s our view of whether or not KALA Health MSM Dust really works.

What is KALA Health MSM powder?

methylsulfonylmethane MSM is. MSM is an organic sulfur-containing nutrient that supposedly supports active lifestyles and healthy lifestyles, providing your body with sulfur and methyl groups that need.

Most powders MSM – including MSM powder Kala Health – come in two forms: thick flakes and fine crystals. Thick version is pure without additives HSH, while version fine crystal contains small amounts of silicon dioxide to prevent clumping.

After purchasing the powder can be mixed with orange juice, water or other beverages to support their general health. It is drunk daily for support healthy joints while promoting skin, hair and nails.

KALA Health intends to offer “purest, safest, highest quality,” the world MSM. His MSM is done in the United States and uses a patented form and widely researched OptiMSM called MSM obtained by distillation quadruple.

Today, you can buy MSM powder KALA Health 1 pound, 10 pounds and 33 pounds (15 kg containers).

How does MSM Powder work?

There are two versions of KALA Health MSM Powder.

There is the thick scales version, which is just pure MLM, without additives. MSM thick form is obtained by distillation instead of crystallization. The company claims that this leads to a higher form of HSH free of contaminants, additives and other unnecessary compounds.

The main drawback of the thick version is that it takes a little longer to dissolve in water or juice. You will need to stir or shake for a period of time to completely eliminate any clumping longer.

There is also the fine powder version crystal, obtained through the crystallization HSH rather than through distillation. The glass powder version is often preferred by those who mix their MSM powder with juice or water. Fine crystals dissolve more easily in water. To prevent clumping, KALA Health adds a small amount (0.1%) of silicon dioxide formula. Silicon dioxide is a common food additive and is completely nontoxic.

Benefits of MSM powder

MSM powder – including MSM powder sold by KALA Health -. It is supposedly related to a variety of special health benefits

People think it works because our bodies MSM sulfur replenished. sulfur is an element that is present in many natural unprocessed foods. Due to modern processing and modern kitchen, often we do not get the sulfur we need. This can reduce our longevity and increase the effects of aging.

In any case, fans powder MSM link all the following benefits:

modern scientific research has shown that MSM powder is particularly useful in reducing induced oxidation exercise can prevent muscle soreness and muscle damage. However, it has Examine.com labeled these effects as “minor”.

Researchers in these studies also indicate that the benefits of MSM powder is probably related to sulfur deficiency. In other words, those with sulfur deficiency (due to lack of sulfur in your diet) will realize the health benefits of MSM powder, while those who already get enough sulfur can not tell the difference.

Using MSM Powder

KALA Health recommends taking half a teaspoon (2-4 grams) of powder MSM per day, with a dose in the morning and one in the afternoon. Take half a tablespoon of formula (6 to 12 grams) a day when MSM powder for the treatment of special conditions is taken.

KALA Health MSM Powder pricing

KALA Health sells MSM powder through its official website, where you will have to pay the following prices:

  • 1 pound package: $ 22.95 per container
  • 2.2 pound package: $ 39.95 per container
  • 10 pound package: $ 145 per container
  • 33 pound package: $ container 375

Each container is available in either fine or coarse crystals variety Flakes (they are priced at the same rate).

Free shipping is available on all orders over $ 35 within the United States.

Other KALA Health MSM products

Health KALA MSM Powder MSM are primary products of the company. However, the company also sells Capsules MSM MSM, chondroitin glucosamine, MSM Gel, and muscle and joint cream MSM.

MSM Capsules

Priced at $ 28.45 for a bottle of 250 capsules, each capsule containing 1000 mg (1 gram) of MSM. According to the company, that’s more than most competitors MSM, containing only 450-900 mg of MSM in each capsule.

All capsules are 100% vegetarian and MSM is the only ingredient in each capsule. The supplement uses the same form of MSM (OptiMSM) used in Powder KALA Health MSM.

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM mixing efficiency with the combination MSM proven joint health glucosamine and chondroitin. two tablets are taken twice a day to maintain healthy joints.

Other ingredients in this supplement are vitamin C, manganese and molybdenum. There 800 mg of MSM in each capsule with 500 mg of glucosamine HCl.

A package of 120 tablets Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM is priced at $ 22.97 per bottle.


This gel is applied topically to the skin to provide temporary relief of joint discomfort. Surely you can apply several times a day in the joints throughout your body tired.

The gel contains a concentration of 15% OptiMSM formula with deionized water, propylene glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, and citric acid.

The MSM Gel is priced at $ 16.50 for an 8 ounce bottle of fluid.

MSM Muscle & Joint Cream

This cream, as gel is applied topically to provide relief from muscle aches and pain. Unlike MSM Gel, muscle and joint cream aims to provide long-lasting effects.

The secret power behind this joint cream lies in its combination of MSM with glucosamine, capsaicin, and botanical extracts. Its price is $ 15.45 for a bottle of 2 oz.

on Health Kala

KALA Health is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements that offers a wide range of natural treatments -. Including MSM powder, capsules MSM Gel MSM, complex CM, cordyceps, and a range of supplements for dogs, cats and horses

The company is located at the following address in Massachusetts:

108 Woods Hole road
Falmouth, MA 02540

You can contact the company by phone at (508) 495-4034 (to contact customer service) or (800 ) 998-8813 (KALA ordering hygiene products).

page About Us About the company explains that was founded in 1997 by Ronald Breteler, PhD, and his cousin, Ir. Paul Klein Breteler. The two had the objective of manufacturing and distribution of natural health products. Today, the company sells its products throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

KALA health products are generally well-reviewed online and the company is known for its high quality ingredients, origin of ingredients, care and training of health supplements pet.

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