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Are you frustrated that you can not see the progress being made ?

you want to see a positive change in the world. Whether it is a personal goal for yourself or if you want to make an impact on people around you, you want to make something happen.

So plan your goals, it is steps to take action and start your path to a better future.

After a few days, not seen much progress. It is discouraged not going anywhere, and you feel like giving up. It is something we have all experienced.

After all, if you can not move forward, it is very hard to motivate yourself to continue. If you do not feel like you are making a difference in the world, then it will continue despite the efforts put in. It’s a feeling I know firsthand.

I wanted to try several different hobbies to improve as a person and also tried to help people around me. I started many activities, only to see no progress is being made and give up because I was discouraged.

Nothing was happening, so I did not see much of a reason to continue. I was not seeing the results you want to see, and I felt like I could be doing something more important with my time. Unfortunately, having given up so many activities, I was not sure what else to do.

However, at the beginning of this year, I kept three resolutions. He was going to lose weight always said I was going to lose. I would like to make more friends instead of meeting new people. I would like to improve my writing and make sure that people knew that I would be willing to help.

was painful return to some of the activities I used to do and pick them up again. It was difficult to try to exercise when numbers had not seen the weight fall. It was difficult to go to groups and actively trying to make friends. It was even harder to get myself to show others what he had written.

Despite these sentiments, I persevered and was told that he would not resign if he wanted to see an improvement. I persevered, learned some things about progress, and what had actually happened when he tried these activities for the first time for the first time.


Progress is not manifested in the way we expect

When a plan for the future, they believe certain actions is will lead to certain results. In his mind, if you do something, a specific result will follow.

This is not unusual. If you exercise, you should expect that you will lose weight. If you do not lose weight, you know that something is wrong, and can adjust their actions to achieve the result you want.

This is how we plan all our actions. If we do Action X, Y result will appear.

What usually happens is that going to do a certain action, but the result turns out to be something unexpected. Returning to our example exercise, you are expected to lose weight, but your muscles end up being pain and is difficult to move.

did not get the result he wanted, and their progress that gave a different result.

When I created my new exercise routine, I planned a full body workout that would do three days a week. Starting was not too difficult, and I felt motivated when I realized that this was not as strong as thought.

had been a long time since he had exercised however, and my entire body ended up being pain after exercise. My body was so severe that I had to cut the number of training I did to give my body enough time to rest and recover.

My weight did not like, despite the fact that I was exercising the parts of my body where I needed to lose weight. I just felt pain and my body was ready to continue with the exercises. It was not the first time I felt like giving up.

At the time my body recovered, I returned to the workout and did the exercises again. To my surprise, everything seemed much easier, and after a while my body became less and less pain. I was not losing weight, but my muscles were becoming stronger. I was able to push my body harder than before.

The realization that something motivated me to continue to improve, and I was confident enough to add new cardio exercises like jumping rope and a team sport, to my exercise routine. I knew what changes were happening, and I used to prove myself are making progress.

The fact that you see no progress does not mean that nothing happened, you just missed its target yet.

change can happen unexpectedly, which means you are taking a different journey to achieve the same goal.

Progress can take some time to reveal

Our biggest problem with change is that we often want, but do not understand why he is not coming fast enough.

The progress we have been making towards its goals has been the right track, but despite investing a lot of time, effort and resources, you are not seeing yourself closer to your goal . I wanted to see changes are not showing up.

This is worse than getting a different result, because at least something happened, although it was not what was expected. You do not see any progress or any change to show for all the work you put in.

is very demoralizing, and you will not want to continue. After all, one of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and expect something different to happen. Why do you think something different would happen?

But the funny thing is progress, it will not always appear immediately. Sometimes the results you are looking for will not be visible immediately, but will enjoy the results when they appear.

wanted to make more friends, and that meant I had to leave my apartment and join different events. Although I wanted to do was relax at home, I had to force myself out the door and find the way to an event.

I have tried many different events, such as theater games, Ultimate Frisbee, language exchanges, including trips to the zoo in order to meet people. In almost every event, which it would get along with people, having a funny conversation with them, but at the end of the day would end never talk to them again.

made me think about why he was going out so often, because my goal was not to be a social butterfly, but to find friends who mattered. However, at the end of each meeting, time became increasingly unlikely he would find friends in this way.

That was a disturbing thought, because it really would not know how to make friends if people who meet in different events would not be enough.

But as I went to more events, something interesting happened. People remembered me and had nicer things to say about me. Instead of people trying to get to know, first, I had people already knew my introduction and wanted to learn more about me.

I was becoming a familiar face, someone that people want to interact with and sometimes befriend. Before I knew it, I was actively making friends, and people would know who I was because of my constant attendance to events.

Change does not always happen as fast as we would like.

But you do not have to be making visible progress for progress to happen.

Sometimes, just wait and let your progress took shape before the changes begin to appear.

Advances to appear when they doubt themselves

Their efforts to work towards your goal are always planned for the long term. Sometimes it is known that the change will not happen immediately and agree with that. You know your progress may take a different direction than originally planned.

You are determined to continue and make a difference in the world. But sometimes you stop and ask how to proceed every day will result in the achievement of a goal bigger. You think about your progress over time become the difference that you want to see.

It scares you when you think about it. Suddenly you have questions about your goals and progress. Do you really get? Is it realistic? Are you doing something wrong? Is it easier just to give up and to regain the status quo?

This is not an unrealistic fear. When he realizes that his goal is much larger than the small steps of progress you are making, you begin to wonder if you really are on the right track from point A to point B. He wondered whether the path was wrong, or if you can actually get to a point B.

that sense of doubt can become a sense of fear, which causes the desire to give and focus on something that your mind thinks is achievable. After all, if you can not do something that is impossible, why keep trying?

I always wanted to help people improve their speech. I also wanted to help people see the world differently. It is my dream that one day could have a website that everyone loves and wants to visit in order to gain confidence and find your inner voice.

I started writing and build a website, and I could see the changes that occur. It was small, it was not always what I expected, but I knew I was on the right track.

However, halfway through the setup process, I wondered if I was ever going to have a website that people want to go. What would it take to make this happen? How will I possibly compete with others? What if people suddenly lost interest? What if my writing ended up being terrible?

These thoughts of fear and insecurity crept into my mind, and there were many times when he stopped and did not work on my website because I was so scared things would work out. I was afraid to write and share my thoughts, as I had doubts about whether it could really make web site.

Yet this fear came a realization. I had already made progress toward my goal, and it was nothing. Just he start writing, and practice only help you get better. My website would not be perfect, but I would not know what it would look if it had not started its implementation.

Before I knew it, the progress that had motivated me to continue. In fact, I had seen the website build and improve my writing. I regained faith that I could do this and I continued working. I was on the right track, and the progress I made was proof of that.

okay to be afraid that you’re not sure if you can move towards your goals. But even the smallest step forward that will show that you are just starting, and that its goal is still in sight. Just to prove himself.

is progressing, and deep down, you know that

I’m happy to say I’ve lost a lot of weight since the beginning of the year (10 kg / 22 lbs.), I have met many people and made some good friends, and my writing and website are constantly improving.

was definitely a bumpy start. I was worried about my apparent lack of progress and asking if I was wasting my time. I wondered if I was making a difference, even myself, let alone the world around me. I wondered if he was going in the right direction.

But every result I have achieved gave me strength. Every action that took me revealed its changes over time. Every step had encouraged me in my moments of doubt that had really done something, and I was making a difference.

You might be thinking that had the special progress and so I could see it, but the only thing that separates me from everyone else is that my goals and therefore my trip will be different.

If you have a goal and you make an effort to achieve, which is making progress toward that goal as well. You may have felt the same discouragement and fear that I did, and there may be waived as I have done in the past.

This time, I hope you are encouraged to work toward your goals again. I want you to believe you can achieve your goals and make your trip that is coming toward your goals.

you will see progress, and sometimes it will not. You may see the change, and maybe not. You will feel confident, and sometimes fear.

Progress is not easy to see. But it stays with you on the journey towards your goal, every step of the way.

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