Juicero – The Keurig of Home Cold Pressed Juicers

Juicero wants to be the Keurig juice decisions. But is it really worth the high price? Let’s take a look now in our opinion Juicero.

What is Juicero?

Juicero is a newly created company, which recently introduced its juice pressure high-tech market.

Priced at $ 699, Juicero is a smart juicer that can connect to your Wi-Fi network. As made by Keurig coffee Juicero wants to do for the juice. cold every time you want some juice, the Juicero le-press owners packages fruits and vegetables to create appropriate portions, single use.

Juicero can also control through their own mobile application.

There is a big catch in buying Juicero: system will have to subscribe to the package delivery company. You need to enroll in a minimum of five packets (called packet) every week. Each package is priced between $ 7 and $ 10. If you run the numbers, that means you’re spending $ 140 to $ 200 per month in Juicero, or $ 1680 to $ 2400 per year (plus the first installment of $ 699) .

Juicero clearly not for those on a tight budget.

However, Juicero has already attracted the attention of investors. To date, the startup company has raised $ 70 million in series B funding

Juicero is currently only available in California, although the company is preparing to expand nationally.

Juicero Features

-Juice packages come in five flavors, including green, green, green spicy sweet, sweet carrot and beet roots

-The Juicero manufacturers claim that all the ingredients are and organic

farm-fresh juice packages -The stay fresh in the refrigerator for 6 days

No need to add water

-All juice packages come with QR codes and press juice scans each code to “ensure freshness”

-Juicero installation connects to your home Wi-Fi network and is accessible through the Mobile


that thing QR code is a little misleading: the company claims that scanning QR codes is done to ensure freshness. Actually, there are other reasons. It is similar to Keurig system where packages with QR codes unauthorized can not be used with juicer -. So a company can not start making your own packages and undermine the high price of the packages Juicero

Juicero Packs

Obviously, packages are the most important part of this juicer. So what is the story behind them? Juicero asks the source of their fruits and vegetables from certified organic farms. Fruits and vegetables are washed after triple cooled to optimize freshness.

Then, fruits and vegetables are cut into different forms. “We adapted our cheat sheet for each type of produce to ensure maximum juice yield,” the company describes

Fruits cut are placed in a sealed plastic container before being mailed to subscribers Juicero.

These are the types of juice that can be purchased with Juicero:

-Sweet Verdes ($ 7 per serving) :. Contains organic apple, organic spinach, organic pineapple, organic kale, and organic


-Greens ($ 7 per serving): contains organic spinach, organic, organic Roman celery, organic kale, organic lemon and the organic


Green -Spicy ($ 7 per serving) :. It contains organic pineapple, organic romaine lettuce, organic celery, organic spinach, organic parsley, organic jalapeno, and organic lemon

-Carrot beet ($ 5 per serving) :. Contains organic carrot, organic beet, organic, organic lemon, and organic apple

Roots -Sweet ($ 6 per serving): contains organic carrot, organic apple, organic beets, organic spinach, organic lemon, organic celery, organic ginger and


the company claims to be preparing more juice for release in the future.

The Juicero


The Juicero package is a key part of the experience. The package has a shelf life of 6 days in the refrigerator.

A key part of the technology is the BreatheWay patch, which keeps its fresh produce until you are ready to juice. Once you are ready to juice, the whole package is placed inside the press Juicero (no record “hooks” in the press).

Juicero pricing

Juicero is priced at $ 699 USD for the juicer.

In order to buy the juicer, you need to also subscribe to a minimum of five Juicero packages per week. The packages are priced between $ 5 and $ 7

Each package 5 juices is called a package. On your screen Juicero subscription, you can change the combination of juices that receives the number of packages every week and want to deliver the exact days you would like to receive. Packets are sent weekly.

You can also pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Juicero App

Juicero may be their first kitchen appliance that has its own application. The application connects to the press and Juicero enhances the experience of pressing explaining the benefits Juice who is drinking, and where each ingredient comes.

The Juicero application is currently under development, but is preparing for the launch on Android and iOS devices. Some of the features of the application include:

-The Juicero press reads the QR code for each package to ensure it is ready for pressing, and will notify you if your packages are approaching date expiration

-The application explains organic farms, where their fruits and vegetables from

-Nutritional information for current juice

-Track extraction activity juice with time

cargo deliveries -Customize

About Juicero

Juicero was founded on the idea that most Americans do not get their recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Juicero is “on a mission to help people eat more fresh produce every day,” according to the company about page: Juicero.com/about/

The company was founded by Doug Evans, businessman and former CEO of Organic avenue. He built the first press Juicero in his kitchen in 2013.

Currently, Juicero is available only in California, but is likely to be deployed nationwide in the near future.

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