Jill Coleman’s TreadLift – Burn, Build, Boost Fitness Program?

Treadlift is a physical training program online that provides 36 exercises Long duration, 30 minutes or less, designed to be done with a minimum of equipment for intermediate students and advanced practitioners. Here’s how to test.

What is Treadlift?

Treadlift is an online training program that is based on two main pieces of fitness equipment :. Treadmills and weights (hence the name “Treadlift”)

The program promises to help anyone burn fat, build muscle and increase cardio endurance. It is not designed for beginners. Instead, it is designed for intermediate and advanced users.

When you pay for Treadlift, 36 long-term training is obtained, the 30 minutes or less. These workouts can be done with minimal equipment for intermediate to advanced practitioners. You can also adjust these exercises to fit your fitness level.

Treadlift All material is delivered through PDF files, video tutorials and photos for each exercise. You can also get information on how to adjust the program to your fitness level.

All this information is in an online membership portal. You log in with a user name and password and then have access forever.

The program was created by Jill Coleman, a personal trainer with a master’s degree.

Who is Jill Coleman?

Jill Coleman is a personal trainer and founder of JillFit Physiques. She is a certified personal trainer with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. She also has 18 years of experience in the fitness industry, which has “done everything to compete in figure competitions, running triathlons and half marathons.”

Your personal training goal is that “less is more”. A high intensity training and short is better than one, longer low-intensity training

“You may reach a point of diminishing returns with exercise, so finding that sweet spot is critical. If you train intensely and strategically use rest, 30 minutes is all you need “.

With this in mind, Jill has created a series of 30 minute workouts to help anyone achieve their fitness goals.


Jill has already appeared in the magazine Self, Family Circle, form, the journal Women’s Health, Prevention magazine, and “many media online news as Yahoo Health, LiveStrong .com, and AOL That’s fit according to official web Jill .

Jill JillFit.com launched in 2011.

What are the 36 workouts Included in ? Treadlift

Treadlift includes 36 full training, all of which are broken by goal the objectives include:.

  • 12 workouts burn designed to help burn fat
  • 12 workouts construction to increase muscle gain
  • 12 workouts bOOST to improve cardio endurance

All workouts include a portion of tape (which can also be done outdoors or other cardio machine if you do not want to use a treadmill) and some weight training based dumbbell.

With burning workouts, raise and lower the treadmill to burn more calories. With Generate workouts, you end your cardio exercises with weights while focusing on individual muscle groups. And BOOST workouts focus on cardio endurance and strength training simple.

Through 36 training sessions long term, you will find 65 weight training exercises. These exercises weight training are all described as “simple” with “any crazy equipment needed or access to bars, weights or weight machines.”

Advantages of Treadlift

Treadlift claims to be different from other exercise programs available today. In 2011, Jill says she stopped listening to so-called experts in fitness and coaches online and began to listen to your body. Treadlift is the end result of that shift. The #treadlift movement emphasizes three common goals of a good physical training regimen:

Basically, Jill who wants to enjoy the training sessions, while fitting them into your lifestyle without effort. They are also designed to be very effective in helping you reach your fitness goals. As Jill explains,

“The goal is to make exercise enjoyable #treadLIFT, while also getting the best possible results in the shortest time possible.”

Treadlift pricing

Treadlift is priced at $ 47 USD.

This rate gives permanent access to the program. You can also get a programming schedule 12 weeks it takes all the guesswork out of your training regimen .

Within seconds of processing your payment, you Treadlift an email with download links and information of members. After that, you can log in with your username and password at any time.

Contact JillFit

To contact JillFit, Jill Coleman, and the creators of Treadlift, use the following contact information:

[email protected]

Or, use your mailing address to:

2522 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

must be used Treadlift to be in better shape?

Treadlift intended as a higher fitness programs conventional alternative. The use of 30 minute workouts and minimal equipment, Jill and the team Treadlift want to help you get into better shape. The training program is designed for intermediate and advanced users, so it is not an ideal solution if you are currently way out of shape and looking to start from scratch.

All trainings are accompanied by extensive videos (including videos that explain how to make changes in training) so you know exactly how to do it – even if you’re totally new to treadmills or dumbbells or any of the other equipment used.

If you want to discover some new training exercises and routines can be performed at home with minimal equipment of a woman who has the experience and credentials to back their advice, then Treadlift may be the physical training program right for you.

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