Jason Klein’s Bodyweight Surge For Metabolic Fat Burning

Surge body weight is a new weight loss program that promises to help you lose 14 pounds of unwanted fat in 14 days “without dieting”. Does this program really work? Here’s our opinion.

What is the weight of the body surge?

Surge body weight is a weight loss program promises to strengthen the entire body and burn belly fat in 14 days or less without dieting.

The diet claims to be backed up by a study from the University of Tampa. It is based on a concept called “increasing your metabolism” of “equipment from power surges”. By using this method, you can remove unwanted fat quickly and quickly lose their body.

The program is aimed at men and women. It is available for purchase online, where it is presented as a series of e-books and video files. No physical product: it is only a downloadable digital course

How the wave of body weight work works.?

Surge body weight is based on a concept called sets of overvoltage and metabolism surges. The program was created by Jason Klein strength coach and is based on a study by the University of Tampa, demonstrating that people can lose weight quickly by applying “waves” in your workout routine -. Especially when your own body weight is used

Jason says he has advised more than 2,500 people in the last year, equivalent to about 7 mentoring new people every day of the year without cuts.

Like many other training programs, increase body weight workouts it states that more of us are doing wrong. They do not actually burn fat or build muscle significantly. Isolation exercises, for example, can strengthen your body in the long run, but it takes much longer than techniques overvoltage body weight.

As explained Jason

“Just not worth your time to practice isolation exercises if your main goal is to burn fat from your body and gain real strength.”

Instead of relying on isolation exercises, Jason and the team behind the wave of body weight recommended compound exercises, multi-lever as the “king” of burning fat. These exercises involve multiple simultaneous activation of muscles during each workout -. As lunging while lifting weight on his head

Others highlighted the experience over overvoltage body weight are:

  • Using the right kind of exercise progression including systematic but progressive patterns of muscle contraction
  • Making 15 minute workouts every day using only your body weight without equipment
  • the implementation of a nutrition scientifically proven trick to change your body burning sugar to burning fat
  • strengthen the heart and reduce the burden on joints by making the right kinds of body weight exercises

best of However, Jason says that solutions for weight loss and lessons included in the wave of body weight are supported by actual evidence at the University of Tampa. Then you will realize how it worked that study.

Scientific Evidence wave of body weight

Surge body weight accumulates outside the research by a study at the University of Tampa. This study was designed to compare the effectiveness of a 1-rep max bench press with a single plate.

The researchers analyzed the amount of muscle that is activated when participants raised as much weight as possible on the machine bench press, and then observed how to make compared with an iron with its own body weight.

The same participant participated in both tests. The same person made a 1 repetition maximum bench press and a single plate. The end result was that the iron produced “50% fat burning additional stress overall” compared with the bench press lift maxed.

Jason began applying his research on his own body. He finished creating the program Bodyweight surge, which works on a system of four parts spread over 14 days. This is very different exercise programs lasting 90 days ABS after 40 compared.

Bodyweight surge 14 Day Plan

Body weight surge 14 days of the plan includes daily follows:

-Day 1: Surge preparation: to determine your lean mass and body fat percentage, and then use that information to calculate the daily dietary intake (overvoltage bodyweight explains how to do this)

you -Days 2 to 5: First surge: completing a series of warm-up exercises for a period of 15 minutes, including a second heating mobility 60, a core training 4 minutes, 4 minutes training overvoltage force a 4 minute workout METCON alterations, and a cooldown 2 minutes.

-Days 6 to 10: Power Surge: This is another training performed 15 minutes every day. the same core, strength training and METCON as Prime surge, but with different exercises used.

you -Days 11 to 14: Power Surge :. This final series of 15 minute workouts includes the same core, strength training and METCON additional modifications to improve fat burning through his body

On day 14 of the program, Jason says that you must have lost weight and become stronger. He says he has seen people lose up to 14 pounds during the period of 14 days.

what is included with Body Weight Gain?

Surge Bodyweight exercises includes a number of e-books and video that summarizes all the above elements, including the breakdown of daily life of all exercises. However, Jason has also included a series of articles on this program, which includes all of the following characteristics:

-14-day trial for body Force Academy Purpose: A program fat loss long-term promises to help regain health and body that was 20 years ($ 47 per month after the free trial).

-Surge Nutrition Handbook. teaches you to identify and target their ideal macronutrient breakdown of

Log -Surge Training :. Helps to start the training session your progress and track your weight and reps

Price Bodyweight surge

Surge body weight has a price $ 7 USD. After paying that fee, you get access to the body weight Overvoltage core and all materials from previous training program.

14 days after you purchase, you will notice another charge of $ 47 has appeared on your credit card from Bodyweight surge. If you read the fine print of the terms and conditions of the body weight surge, you learn that the bonus “Force Academy” you received with your purchase was only part of a “14-day trial.” Once the free trial expires after 14 days, the credit card automatically $ 47 per month for the subscription of that website.

Paying $ 47 per month to subscribe to a web site is a steep fee. Fortunately, you can cancel at any time. If you do not want the rate of $ 47 to appear in your account at all, just contact the company immediately after making your purchase.

All purchases overvoltage body weight also come with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can request a full refund of every penny.

About Jason Klein

Jason Klein has a Master of Science and is a certified strength and conditioning coach.

Jason is also the founder of BodyofPurpose.com and claims to have counseled 2,500 people in the last year.

should you use the wave of body weight to lose weight?

Surge body weight is rare in the world of electronic books downloadable training and fad diets: scientific advice to support you teach the real information about how to lose weight is used


the program does not promise to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks on the plan. Instead, modest weight loss and long-term results stated. You do not need fancy supplements or even a gym to follow the program :. It is based on just your own body weight and 15 minutes of free time a day

The only drawback body weight surge is that you are automatically enrolled for a website of $ 47 per month called Force Academy . If you want to avoid the fee, then you can only pay the fee of $ 7 for the wave of body weight and then call the company to cancel the free test for Force Academy immediately afterwards. If it does, then the rate of $ 7 for the entire program of body weight load is a very competitive price.

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