January Labs Advanced Eye Technology

January Labs Advanced Eye Technology

By Aimee S.

The last 4 weeks it was a good test action laboratories January eye advanced technology ($ 87) for me. 55 and have twice daily tend to contact lenses. Needless to say, with age and contact lenses, my skin under the eyes showing wear. The light creamy texture of this product is easy to apply and applies smoothly. I applied morning and night and about 1/3 jar is used during the test period of 4 weeks.

laboratories January makes a statement about your promising treatment for eyes – to help promote firmness and elasticity, diminish the appearance of puffiness, lines and wrinkles while increasing hydration and also for soothe and protect delicate eye area. All this is achieved with natural ingredients. After using this treatment for 4 weeks my fine lines have softened and are less visible. It has also helped with my bags and dark circles under the eyes are less noticeable. And crepeness is much better. So far, I am very satisfied with the results.

Since there are many ingredients that I felt it best to highlight those that seem to point to different concerns with the skin under the eyes. The ingredients are a long list with the first being water. The second is caprylic / capric, derived from coconut oil and glycerine, which help to repair the surface and preventing moisture loss triglycerides. Other three components are hydrolyzed protein from rice bran, reductases oxide (an enzyme) and glycine soya (soybean) protein – laboratories January referred to as Regu-Age and has the following properties:

– Naturally derived from rice, yeast and soy
– Reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes
– Increases microcirculation and oxygen supply
– strengthens the fabric
– reduces inflammation and helps prevent UV


the following two ingredients are derived from yeast beta glucan extract and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. They share antioxidant properties as well as being soothing and moisturizing. hydrolyzed soy fiber which is rich in amino acids, increases elasticity and also smoothing benefits.

diacetate diaminobutyroyl dipeptide benzylyaluamide (ugh) is a neuro-peptide that causes the facial muscles to relax, to help wrinkles, laboratories January states that this tri-peptide serves as a safe alternative and painless anti-aging injections. Finally, moisture retention targets with leaf juice Aloe (which also helps with swelling), hyaluronic acid and allantoin (extract from the comfrey plant that helps moisturize and soften skin and improve texture the skin.

This is an eye cream more expensive but has some ingredients and within 4 weeks started working in my area under the eyes. I look forward to seeing further improvement of the skin the coming months.

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