It`s Shocking, but True! The Bad Side of Sitting Too Long! Do You Know That This Comfort Is Actually Killing Us?

The comfortable living room makes your body goes into storage mode which in turn reduces the electrical activity the muscles. Furthermore, studies have linked sitting increased risk of breast cancer of endometrium, and colon. Sitting causes decreased insulin response even after a day extended session.

These are the most common risk factors

increased mortality it is not surprising that extended sitting not only leads to pain and disease, but also death before. The risk of death is 18% higher by one who sat for more than 6 hours each day.

Problems with the neck, shoulders and head: Lack of physical activity has a direct impact on your mood and can lead to depression as well. The posture of the neck and head when sitting puts pressure on the cervical vertebrae. That`s imbalances and leads to permanent damage. Sitting for long periods of time is causing pain and chronic muscle pain.

Sitting is connected to belly fat and obesity: Lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain. Studies have linked fat that is generated when pressure on the lower body parts or certain that in the usual case gets.

`s Surprising, but true! The bad side of being too long! Do you know that this is killing us Comfort

causes diabetes: Sitting too long has a negative impact on insulin resistance and inflammation. This can lead to diabetes.

Back pain: When sitting, your back is under great pressure as it takes on the weight of the upper body on it. This pressure can lead to back pain problems long term.

Increased cancer risk: The specific cancers associated with high levels of the session during free time. Blood causes cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

cardiovascular problems: The study indicates that people who sit for a maximum of one day are 45% more likely to get death due to heart problems

We have some ideas of how to improve your physical activity!

Walking: Walking can burn calories. Until you walk listen to music. Invite friends to join you.

try yoga: Yoga improves posture and strengthens the back. So you will feel happier!

Using exercise ball: posture and spinal alignment is improved. In addition, the `s amazing back support.

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