Is It Safe To Cook With Aluminum Foil? The Surprising Truth

The foil is probably one of the staples in your kitchen pantry and is likely to use it for many things . From baked potatoes to cover casseroles, you probably do not think twice before pulling a roll of aluminum foil and place it on your food. However, there are some concerns because the foil can be harmful to your health.

baking potatoes in foil helps keep the skin smooth and allows you to keep warm for a while after you take them out of the oven, which is useful if you are not quite ready to eat when they finish Cook.


There are some drawbacks to using this method, however, including an increased risk of food poisoning, so they are better cooking potatoes otherwise.

The dangers of foil

says he’ll barbecue some corn on the cob or a piece of salmon; It is likely to use aluminum foil to make it, right? Well, as it turns out, actually it can be very harmful to your health. When the sheet is heated, small cracks can be created and therefore can be transferred to food.
For example, you could increase your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. In several clinical studies, it has been found that high levels of aluminum are associated with this disease.

Furthermore, inhalation of smoke created from aluminum can be hazardous to your health. Aluminum foil can rupture and be carried in the smoke, so you can inhale it. When aluminum powder is inhaled, increase your chances of developing a respiratory problem. In some studies, it has been found that even when the powder alumimun foil, which can lead to pulmonary fibrosis inhaled.

In other studies, it has been found that high levels of exposure to aluminum are related neurological decline in several aspects, including balance, coordination and memory function.

Aluminum can also accumulate in the bones. This compound tries to compete with calcium, which in turn weakens the bones. It can also affect bone cell activity.

While the results of the harmful effects of aluminum are inconclusive, it is still much better to protect and limit the use of aluminum foil. When it is used, use it wisely.

This includes:

  • I do not use it to grill with
  • not use it to store tomatoes, spices or citrus fruits
  • not be used to cover items that are heating up in the oven
  • Avoid using aluminum pots or utensils
  • replace the aluminum foil with wax paper
  • instead of using aluminum foil, glass pots used to store food in


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