Iridology: Friend or Foe?

Iridology: Friend or Foe? Posted by Daily Health Alerts in Natural Health

alternative remedies acquire a lot of criticism and for good reason. Much of complementary medicine can not be verified by scientific studies the placebo effect is often touted responsible for healing reported.

iridology, the study of the iris of the eye to assess current or potential systemic challenges remains in the sights of the skeptics. Science has had a field day dismiss this practice, as they should because nobody really knows its exact mechanism. However, the placebo effect or not, iridology can be more friend than enemy.

ancient observational studies

Sometimes the success of a remedy may simply be rooted in the history of cured him. Evidence of healing through the eye examination can be found through thousands of years of Far Eastern and Greek healing practices Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine considering it is an important tool.

Father proclaimed iridology, Hungarian physician Ignatz von Peczely, brought the practice of medicine in 1861 after he witnessed the significant change in the eyes of an owl when healing a broken leg.

Thirty years later, the second father of iridology, the Swedish Dr. Nils Liljequist used himself as a test subject for his healing struggle enlarged lymph nodes. This led him to publish its evaluation in the Bible iridology, diagnosis of the eye.

Iridology Benefits of

The practitioner known as demands for Iridologist to assess various problems which might arise or already in full swing. Looking at the color, stretch marks and other minimal to major anomalies within the iris associated with different conditions, weaknesses and pathologies.

Irydolog site English Iridologist Krzysztof Zygadlo describes iridology as power,

  • Uncover congenital predisposition and acquired certain diseases
  • determine the degree of intoxication of the organism by harmful influences caused by the external environment and the by-products of human metabolism
  • evaluate the functioning of the nervous system, immune, digestive and circulatory
  • determine the system and / or organ responsible which is producing the disease process

Recognized iridologist, Bernard Jensen, described this practice as

“nerve in the iris fibers respond to changes in the body tissues by manifesting a reflex physiology that corresponds to the changes and specific locations of tissue. ”


There have been many attempts by those bent on discrediting any hint of alternative remedies that have been successful in the inexplicable cure. A remarkable study when given Iridologists photos of a mixed group of people to see if they could find the few who have kidney disease. Of course, Iridologists were unsuccessful as images never be used instead of a living subject. However, the natural health industry of millions of dollars are making big pharmaceutical and other medical professionals take note.

Here are some possible signs according to specific clues found in the eye.

type blue eyes (lymphatic) -. The challenges with the upper respiratory tract, digestive tract, urogenital tract, lymphatic tissues, joints, kidneys and adrenal gland imbalances

Eyes Brown type (blood) -. Potential problems with the circulatory system, liver, spleen, bone marrow, digestive system and the endocrine glands

Mixed eyes Type (bile) -. Problems related to the liver, digestive tract problems and allergies

The color changes inside the iris may suggest:

  • White – Body working hard to “hold”
  • white-yellow – area body losing a battle
  • yellow – poor kidney function; yellow sclera (white of the eye); gallbladder disease
  • Orange – Problems metabolize carbohydrates; liver or pancreas weakness; check glucose
  • red-brown – Indicates deterioration
  • Brown – liver malfunction and “dirty blood”
  • Black – Indicates the tissue to die

rings in or around the iris are also something a iridologist can search.

dark band – Called the Edge Scurf or ring of purpose is a dark band that may indicate skin problems and lack of detoxification

growth rings -. Called rings of stress or Freedom rings these are seen as those rings are inside a tree trunk that may indicate the neuromuscular tension and stress

heavy white ring. -. These pass ring lipids or ring Determination and may be a sign of cardiovascular problems, arteriosclerosis, liver problems and thyroid, and an increased risk of Parkinson


ring clouds – Called the lymphatic rosary or the ring of Harmony, these white cloud rings around the iris may indicate lymphatic congestion or swollen lymph nodes


there are also spots that may appear to move through the iris which may mean that the person is struggling with disabilities and / or blockage of awareness with respect to a specific organ or the whole system.

Iridology can not be a perfect science or a science at all, but if by chance helps you improve your health, then why not give it a try?

The best approach would be to get a diagnosis iridology and then see your doctor for a complete workup to determine the possibility of such. In any case, direct or as a result of a visit of iridology preventive action can save your life or make you feel much better.

Be careful not to fall prey to some professionals who try to sell their bottling line remedies before investigating other options.

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