Interview with Pure Glam Founder Tara Verkuil

Pure Glam offers an all-natural, organic hair care line quality that we are proud to bring the truth in Store aging. His dedication to the chemical-free solutions for hair clean and manageable is something that will definitely be noticed. We get to know the brand and the founder, Tara Verkuil, in this interview.

Pure Glam is formulated with organic ingredients – no toxic chemicals. What was your “wakeup call” – when he realized not want to use any harmful ingredients in skin

My wakeup call was when my daughter was about to be born and I was stocking the nursery arrival. Being a first time mom, I had a vague idea of ​​the products I needed. And then I looked up the ingredients and was horrified. It was very important for me to protect my daughter and quickly translated the desire to take more care with the products I’ve used it myself.

What is your response to claims that the natural ingredients in skin and hair care are not as effective as synthetic?

I think for a long time it was a true statement ago. One had to sacrifice the efficacy / safety beauty. Now the world of organic beauty has more than caught and in many ways superior to synthetic offers cosmetic options.

What is your favorite botanical ingredient?

That’s a very difficult question! I have so many. My current favorite is the artichoke leaf oil we use in pure luxury Glam Wash. Silicone is an unpleasant ingredient that has been difficult to replace in terms of everything it does. Glam substitutes pure essence of artichoke leaves silicone, which provides more shine and hair that stays clean longer.

what his regime skin care look like?

to spend much of my day outdoors in the sun and wind and have very dry skin, so that all the products I use are about hydration. A creamy cleanser, serum and moisturizer. My favorite is going to pure Glam Calmar and repair of oil. It is very good for all skin types. any age or damage is repaired and the sun leaves a great glow.

hair care line Pure Glam has really expanded to include some great products for styling. What was your motivation behind wanting to offer more products for hair?

Pure Glam hair line performance is a natural alternative to synthetic whole, salon quality line of high performance. The products work to the same standards and better without the toxins. We felt it was important to create a complete line, including hairstyle, deep conditioning masks and serums, so that our customer does not have to fill with other brands to complete your hair regime.

What’s next for Pure Glam? What are you excited?

We are super excited to spread the word that having a good hair day does not have to include synthetic ingredients. Beauty and purity do go hand in hand. Our mission is to help people eliminate hazardous chemicals from your beauty without sacrificing system performance.

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