Instead Of Aspirin, Eat Some Cherries!

The cherries are about to be present in the markets, which means it can buy this fruit and get their health benefits.

For centuries, people you know that cherries are tasty fruits and healing. This has been confirmed by many scientific studies as well. Cherries are rich in antioxidants, and research has shown to have beneficial effects against heart disease, bone disease and pain relief. Besides being rich in antioxidants, cherries are rich in flavonoids, as well.

This aromatic fruit contains large amounts of anthocyanins and is believed to reduce pain. 20 cherries are more effective than aspirin. Due to the large amounts of magnesium and calcium, cherries are excellent for our bones, because they contain a high percentage of water and are low in calories, that make excellent cherries for those who want to reduce the weight as well. Fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are abundant in cherries, increases energy and purify the blood.

Anyway, fruit and seed of a cherry tree are not the only beneficial parts. Stem cherries is also beneficial. You can use the stems to make tea, which will facilitate secretion of urine and kidney problems. The preparation of this tea is simple: put a handful of stems in a quart of boiling water and cook tea for about two minutes. Then allowed to stand still for 15 minutes, before brewing tea. Drink in small sips throughout the day.

In Japan the cherry blossoms are regarded as national flower, symbolizing happiness. They appreciate the Japanese tradition, called hanami, many years. He is enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms transient. This tradition takes its uprising in April as cherry trees bloom in this month. Japanese consider a very important event.


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