Inspired Idea: New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

Throwing a festive evening is no easy task. Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, you have one last chance to flex their muscle party in 2015. After all, New Year’s Eve is all about saying goodbye to the old and ringing in the new! That said, we want you to start 2016 with a bang. Then we have kept a list of ideas to help you organize a party to remember. From decadent cocktails inspired decor NYE, we have covered the basics when it comes to releasing the final game of the New Year’s Eve.

If you need help host NYE department, Team LC has you covered! Keep scrolling for 10 fresh ideas to Welcome the New Year the right way …

The Perfect Cheese Plate, 2 Ways

1. The perfect cheese plate, 2 ways through
Regarding fashion, no party is complete without a cheese plate ( or two!). Learn how to create not one but two delicious cheese dishes to satisfy every taste bud in your NYE celebration. Do not forget to pair with wine!

DIY Gold Fringe Drink Toppers via Sugar & Cloth

2. DIY first gold fringe drink through Sugar and cloth
Our goal this year is to add sparkle whenever possible … NYE includes drink. These first drinks festive fringe gold add a touch of something extra to your drinks and can also be used to differentiate one from another drink. Win win!

Bubbly Balloon Backdrop via Honey & Fitz

3. Backdrop Globe bubbling through Honey & Fitz
whether you are looking to fix the bar drink or desire to create a festive backdrop background DIY photo this is for you. This backdrop with bubbly ball is easy to assemble -. Simply inflate each balloon in a variety of sizes and simply stick them to the wall

DIY Mini Party Hats via Homey Oh My!

4. DIY Mini party hats through Homey Oh My!
We have the perfect place to go with your New Year’s Eve accessory dress … a mini hat homemade party. We like to go all out for the holidays and Nye is no exception! We are especially enamored of the color palette and prints of these little beauties.

Gold Sugar Sparkle Champagne Flutes via Southern Weddings

5. Golden Sparkle sugar champagne glasses through South Weddings
If you have not noticed, we can not go long without flashes and champagne. Prepare for your midnight toast sugaring the rim of each glass of champagne before your guests clink. This simple ornament will make 2016 even sweeter when the clock strikes 12!

DIY Confetti Poppers

6. DIY confetti via Poppers
While we may have created this fun and easy DIY to 4 ap of July, which is equally appropriate to ring in the New Year. confetti poppers have long been a staple of New Year and we can not imagine our celebrations without them. Follow this simple tutorial to create your own!

DIY Disco Ball Piñata via Studio DIY

7. DIY Disco Ball Pinata through Study DIY
may be a tradition to watch the ball drop on New Year’s eve, but why not create your own and fill it with candy? Create this disco ball piñata DIY and use it as festive decoration or have their friends try to invade open. Any clever way this creation will be the center of attention!

Champagne Etoile via Coco + Kelley

8. Champagne Etoile through Coco + Kelley
When we think of New Year’s eve, we believe the champagne. If you are looking for a different way to serve the drink of celebration everyone’s favorite way, look no further. This recipe involves cocktail syrup vanilla, bourbon your favorite, classic and bubbly. Intrigued? You have to try it!

Glittery Pastel Party Horns via Such Pretty Things

9. Bright pastel colors party horns through Such Pretty Things
Let’s face it, ringing in the New Year calls for lots and lots of noise. Like most things in, we like to add a touch of elegance whenever possible. These horns shiny party pastel are a brilliant way for your neighborhood know that 2016 has officially arrived.

A Sparkling Setting via Martha Stewart

10. Adjust gas through Martha Stewart
Christmas may be over, but that does not mean you have to put your decorations away just left. Create a centerpiece using decadent champagne glasses and metal ornaments. Its implementation will be so nice nobody will notice that your Christmas decoration New Year’s party joined!

How is ringing in the New Year?

I love to hear your celebrations in the comments!

XO Lauren

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