(MENAFN – NewsBytes) Your smile is important.

And for a big smile, you need pretty and beautiful lips, whose need is greatly underestimated.

Like any other part of your face, your lips also need special attention.

And the best part is that you don't need any of those elegant lipsticks and lip gloss.

To help you, here are simple home remedies for soft, pink lips.

# one
Leave the honey and lemon lip mask for 10-20 minutes
Leave the honey and lemon lip mask for 10-20 minutes

Honey is a natural moisturizer, which can help hydrate the lips, while lemon works as an excellent lightening agent.

To use this remedy, start by mixing the two ingredients and mix in a glass bowl.

Apply this mixture on your lips and let it act for about 10-20 minutes.

Finally, wash with warm water and then apply some lip balm.

# two
Aloe Vera gel mask with olive or coconut oil.

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera gel can help restore moisture in the lips.

Start by taking a fresh Aloe vera leaf and cut it in half.

Then, take out the gel with a spoon and pour it into a glass container.

Add a few drops of olive / coconut oil.

Use this as a lip balm.

Store in your refrigerator.

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# 3
Milk balm and turmeric: can treat discoloration, lip pigmentation
Milk balm and turmeric: can treat discoloration, lip pigmentation

This is an amazing combination for your lip health and to treat discoloration.

Milk is a natural moisturizing agent, while turmeric contains excellent healing properties.

Start by mixing cold milk with a little turmeric powder to form a paste.

Apply this mixture on your lips. Leave on for 5 minutes.

Rub gently. Then wash with warm water. Finally, apply some lip balm.

# 4
Almond oil and lemon mask will help rejuvenate dead cells.

The goodness of the almond oil and the lemon will help rejuvenate the dead cells on the lips, prevent them from cracking and also make them look pink and flexible.

To use this remedy, mix some sweet almond oil and lemon juice.

Apply this as if you were using your normal lip balm.

Use this mixture regularly to see the results.

Here are some more useful tips for healthy lips.

In addition to these home remedies, here are some more useful tips for pink and healthy lips:

1) Stay hydrated: drink plenty of water and juices during the day.

2) Protect your lips from excessive exposure to sunlight.

3) Always remove your makeup before bedtime.

4) Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

5) Reduce coffee / tea intake.

6) Quit smoking


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