Include These 74 Alkaline Foods Into Your Diet To Lead a Healthy Life!

include these 74 alkaline foods in your diet for a healthy life!

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If you want your body to become alkaline , it is best to start by learning what foods it will help make your body alkaline and keep it that way. The best of these foods is that you do not have to worry that you will have acidic effects. But keep in mind that some foods are more alkaline. You do not have to just stick to a diet of all-alkaline to maintain pH levels of your body for alkalinity. You can also take some acidic foods. But make sure you are whole and natural foods -. Such as fruits

So here are 74 alkaline foods that can help in the natural balance of your body:

  1. almond milk and almond

Almonds have always been known to be the healthiest food for consumption. What most people never realize is that they are also an alkaline food. They help in increasing muscle gain, reducing cholesterol levels, and fat loss. You can get the health benefits of almonds without having to eat a lot of them. They can be amazing appetizers that could be enjoyed anywhere and between meals.

Almonds have 44% protein, 25% iron and 27% calcium per 100 grams.

  1. Amaranth

Amaranth is an amazing grain, which may not be very popular. However, it could be the perfect place to include in your diet plan alkaline-centered food. It is a unique grain because it contains much higher levels of protein. It is a food that is alkaline, and is rich in minerals and vitamins as well. There are many recipes that can be used to make it for your family.

100 g amaranth contains 14 g protein, 16% calcium and 42% iron.

  1. artichokes

Often you will see artichokes be used to avoid salads. They are also used in sauces. However, you should not only be limited to that. More should be included in your diet. It is highly alkaline and can help in increasing pH levels of your body. The rich content of antioxidants also helps purify the liver and improves digestion. You can make a salad full of leafy greens and top with lots of artichokes.

100 g of artichokes contain 17% of folates, 12% of vitamin K and 20% of vitamin C.

  1. Arugula

This is a green leaf that can not afford to lose. Arugula is commonly used in the detox diet plan, especially because it is an alkaline food. It is loaded with vitamin A and has a lot of calcium. When we think of calcium, dairy products are the first foods that come to mind. However, Arugula is a non-daily food supplies enough calcium. Be sure to include arugula in your car on your next purchases.

100 g rocket contains 47% vitamin A, 16% calcium, iron and 8%.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus also makes an alkaline effect. In fact, this is one of the strongest known for its alkalinity foods. It is located somewhere in the top when you align all foods to its alkalinity. Also it loaded with various nutrients, antioxidants, and offers detoxifying qualities. Asparagus also has anti-aging properties. So you have good many reasons to include in your menu.

100 g of asparagus has 15% of vitamin A, 12% iron and 9% vitamin C.

  1. avocado and avocado oil

avocado is not only an alkaline food, it is also a super food. It should be no surprise that a great nutritional impact occurs. They contain high amounts of healthy fats and potassium. Therefore, not only do more alkaline your body, you also receive additional nutrients. Avocado oil can also be used instead of other oils that offer no benefits alkaline. Other oils are also likely to be generators of acid in your body.

100 g of avocado contains 27% fiber, 17% of vitamin C and vitamin 3%

  1. basil

most people do not know that spices or herbs that are used in feeding also affect the acidity or alkalinity of pH levels. However, there are two kinds of spices – good and bad. Basil should use, as it is alkaline-forming. It also contains many other nutrients, especially flavonoids. Flavonoids are effective in helping your body with healing. Basil is also beneficial in general with different aspects of your body.

100 g of basil has an amazing 345% of vitamin K, 175% of vitamin A and 18% calcium.

  1. Beets

There has been a growing interest in beet . It is a nutrient-rich food also helps in increasing the pH levels of your body. What makes this plant stand out is that it is a rare source of a phytonutrient called betalain. It is believed to have anti-cancer properties. You can always add the beets as a side or to refill their salads. Always buy fresh and then steamed. pickled beets have lower nutritional value.

100 g of 75% beet contains folic acid, vitamin K 11% and 8% vitamin C.

  1. Broccoli

broccoli is a healthy food par excellence that is alkaline. You must ensure that you add more of this vegetable in your diet because all its health benefits. Many are taking daily to ensure good health and make the most of their alkaline side. Make sure you are eating several times a week. You better take three to four times a week.

100 g of broccoli has 135% vitamin C, 11% 4% vitamin and calcium.

  1. Brussels sprouts

It is common for people to leave their brussel sprouts on the plate without even touching it. He should not do that and start enjoying this healthy vegetable. Found Brussels sprouts to aid in the decomposition of the acids formed by the acid-forming foods. This feature helps improve your pH levels. It also helps in maintaining alkaline state of your body. They are also rich in several minerals, vitamins and fiber. You could add as a side dish to almost any meal. Make sure you get fresh Brussels sprouts. They should be steamed before consumption.

100 g of Brussels sprouts has 142% vitamin C, 15% vitamin A, iron and 8%.

hope you enjoyed the first 10 please continue to the next page for more alkaline foods that will change your health! We hope you’re enjoying all this incredible information!

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