I’m Never Buying Another Cough Medicine Again… I Wish I Knew This Before!

bad and persistent cough is really annoying problem. Although there are several types of commercial drugs that are supposed to address this issue, they are not very efficient. In fact, these drugs do not provide the promised results and at the same time can cause various harmful side effects. The reason for this is the fact that these drugs are loaded with dangerous chemicals that often cause more harm than good.

In this article we will reveal the recipe for totally natural and effective remedy that will help. It is cough drops that are consistent in herbs and ingredients that many of you probably already have in your home.

These lozenges are very beneficial for use before winter arrives, as it significantly will strengthen your immune system and at the same time prevent other health problems.

necessary ingredients:

ginger, increase your immunity

As cough suppressant should use honey because of its amazing antibacterial properties

lemon juice is abundant with vitamin C

secret ingredient to any ingredient bind.

In the following video you can see the instruction for the preparation of these remarkable cough drops!

Source: myhealthymag.com

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