According to the scientists, our hands the ravages of time that the skin of our hands is much thinner compared to the skin on the face and is more susceptible to the signs of aging is. On the back of the hands is a little fat, and when collagen and elastin fibers begin to break, which provides remarkable effects.

Our hands require special care because of the damaging effects of constant washing and frequent exposure to the elements. You can take care of your hands with very little effort and try to reverse any damage that has been done with the resources we will talk then. The results will be amazing.

hands boyish

  • potato – that will make your hands are soft as silk. Get a medium-sized potato and baked. Mash with a fork, then add the milk, 2 tablespoons. honey, 2 tablespoons ads. olive oil. Apply this paste 2-3 times a week, letting it stay for 1 minutes. In the end, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • rosehip oil – this oil provides firmness and elasticity to aging skin and helps in nourishing. Massaging hands with oil on a daily basis to rejuvenate and relax them.
  • Egg – improves skin elasticity. Separate the egg whites and mix with 1 tbsp. of honey. Use soap and water to wash.

Hands stained

  • Sugar and lemon – Take ½ lemon and squeeze the juice, then mixed with 2 teaspoons of sugar, using as an exfoliant. Massage the mixture in circular motions in order to promote microcirculation. Finally, wash your hands with soap and cold water.

hands moisturized

  • Vaseline -. Apply it in their hands and put on cotton gloves, leaving it overnight
  • Almond oil – dip their hands in the oil, put them in cold water and hold for 5 minutes. Then dry and apply a fat cream. Finally, put your hands in cotton gloves, letting them stay overnight. In the morning, they will be hydrated.

Additional tips:

  • Avoid exposing hands to hot water frequently, since they dehydrate. Use warm water instead.
  • protect hands from the cold, always wearing gloves, your hands are the most affected.
  • nails can not bite as this affects the skin and reduces growth.

source: naturalhealingmagazine.net

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