If You Knew What’s in McDonald’s Fries You’d Be Seriously Disgusted And Never Eat Them Again

It has been decades as nutritionists and food experts They talk about the negative impact of processed and junk food has on our health.

However, people find it difficult to get rid of this nasty habit and incorporate proper nutrition in their lives. This is due to the fact that fast food is quite addictive and tasty, but it is also dangerous to life and leads to countless health problems.

A cheat day once in a while can be very good; Still, normal nutrition based on processed foods is quite dangerous.

Fast food is actually heavily based on sodium, hidden sugars, sodium and fat. These combined are compounds worst consuming and can cause diseases such as obesity, hypertension and type 2 diabetes

To demonstrate the health risks of fast food, Grant Imahara , the famous Mythbuster, paid a visit to the factory McDonalds fry. Extra attention was given in the preparation of french fries and inspected its contents during the process.

What he found were a total of 15 harmful ingredients used in the frying process. Moreover, these substances have proven to be leaders in the cause of serious health problems such as brain damage, autoimmune disorders and others.

If you are interested in the contents McDonald, actual chips AOS, here it is:

  • hydrolyzed wheat
  • TBHQ
  • sodium acid pyrophosphate
  • dimethylpolysiloxane
  • taste of natural meat
  • hydrolyzed milk
  • hydrogenated soybean oil
  • the soybean oil
  • canola oil
  • hydrogenated oil
  • dextrose
  • citric acid
  • Potatoes
  • Sal

if you are not familiar with these terms, we are here to warn you about the first three names listed above most threatening :. TBHQ, dimethylpolysiloxane and hydrogenated soybean oil

First, Dimethylpolysilioxane is generally used in the industry of hair products, and often shows in clay and sealants aquarium tank. This contains a lot of formaldehyde, responsible for causing allergies, brain damage, autoimmune diseases and, ultimately, cancer.

Second, hydrogenated soybean oil belongs to the group of unhealthy trans fats, which are known to be a major threat to the health of humans. Two studies in the US They stated that 100,000 deaths in the US could be prevented if this compound was removed from people, AOS daily menus.

So there is TBHQ, tertiary short butylhydroquionone. This compound is in the manufacture of chips, is added to many food to prevent spoilage. Surprisingly, TBHQ is regularly used in the production of perfumes and biodiesel.

makes rethink all their diet, it does, AOT?

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