If You Have a Mice Problem, Buy a Tin Of Altoids Now..Here’s Why..


Mice are a serious health and safety problem for homeowners and renters in most parts of the world. These pests often eat pantry items, destroys property and the spread of disease. They also attract other pests, such as insects, snakes and larger rodents, causing property damage and harm the health of people and pets.

A solution herbal old with a touch that has been a trend in the last week social networks could help people who do not want to kill the mice to take care of their homes. Research has shown that peppermint oil repels mice and even causes them significant mental confusion. Many DIY home sites, it is recommended to dip cotton balls in peppermint oil, placing the balls in areas where mice run and then replacing oil soaked balls once or twice a week. The problem with this method is that it takes too long and consume too much mint.

The most recent recommendation is the Altoids mint candy. Instead of using peppermint oil, landlords and tenants crush up some candies and then sprinkle in the house or merge them in water for use as an aerosol. Some Internet users have criticized Altoids repellent because they believe that sugar could attract insects. Many people have successfully used Altoids in the past in this way, suggesting that the strong smell of mint that wafts out of the candy is enough to deter insects nesting in a structure and use of sweets as a source of food.

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