We all have our habits morning, getting started the day and what we do first thing after we got out of bed. Some drink a cup of tea, others a cup of coffee, some first have breakfast and others just storm out of the house leaving these things to work. Or maybe you Aore one of those who start the day with a glass of water to put up your metabolism? Whatever your morning rituals we, AORE here to tell you what is the best way to start the day is. Every morning you should drink first a cup of hot water, at least That, AOS what Ayurveda advises his followers and give an excellent explanation for this. ¬ † A glass of warm water on an empty stomach, increase your digestion, boost your metabolism and help your body eliminate toxins. These are some of the biggest benefits of drinking warm water in the morning to convince him to start doing so.

Six reasons why you should consume warm water:

1. Detoxify your body

Drink a glass of warm water every morning will help your body eliminate all harmful toxins that store as a result of our unhealthy life style. Water promotes the breakdown of food in the stomach and improves tract function, digestive years. Instead of drinking a glass of cold water to drink a glass of warm water, it will do wonders for your digestion.

2. Increase your metabolism

Drink a glass of warm water in the morning will increase your metabolism and help your body to function properly. It will also help eliminate stomach pains that usually are caused by the slow metabolic function and poor digestion!

3. Relieves pain

Many people find relief in the hot drinking water when in pain, especially in the case of menstrual cramps. The heat of the water will relax the stomach muscles and relieve pain. But it can also be beneficial with other types of cramps, menstrual not only because it improves capillary circulation and relaxes the muscles.

4. Helps weight loss

Hot water can be an excellent reinforcement of weight loss, in combination with a healthy diet and some exercise light. Hot water increases the temperature of your body, speeds up your metabolism and helps burn calories faster. It also has a beneficial effect on the kidneys and excretory organs.

5. Improved circulation

We mentioned earlier that the consumption of hot water on an empty stomach can help remove toxins and eliminate waste arising outside her body. This, in turn, accelerating circulation and promote overall health.

6. Slows the aging process

all want to be young and beautiful forever and we try to do everything possible to preserve our youth and slow the aging process as much as possible. Water can help achieve this goal and prevent premature aging. When our body is flooded with toxins it affects our overall appearance and makes us look much older. However, if we drink a glass of warm water every morning, our body will eliminate toxins faster, slower aging process and improve our skin, AOS elasticity.

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