If These Two Lines Match Up on Your Palms, Here’s What It Means

Have you ever noticed those lines on the palms ranging from the middle finger to the outside of your pinky ? Well, apparently, you can tell you a lot about yourself.

This line is called the joint line and can tell a lot about their marital status.

If these two match lines up on your palms, here is what

psychotherapist and mystical Ellen Goldberg, known as the Wise therapist of women reveals the secrets to the use of palmistry to predict love and marriage. This woman really knows a lot and she’s absolutely fascinating to watch. I’m sure you’ll agree.

She does an excellent job in describing the main lines and patterns in their hands mean.

hands together, survey your palms and see where your wrinkles are aligned. May be more or less the same height or may not line up at all

If the lines are of the same height -. You are quiet, gentle and compassionate. You are relatively stable, and do not like being around people abrupt and disruptive. Your family will like and accept your spouse

If the right line is higher than the left -. Without much attention to what other people think of you, and that is very down to earth. You know one to follow the conventional rule, and are 70% more likely to marry someone older than you.

If the line that is left is greater than the right – you are very strong, confident. To attract people looking very good, and most likely can end up with someone much younger than you or a foreigner.

There is much more fascinating information on what your palm can reveal about you contained in the video below:

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