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There is nothing more refreshing and invigorating than a good workout. To maximize your workout, one of the best things you can incorporate into your diet is a protein shake. For women, however, finding protein shakes high quality targeted to their bodies is not only difficult but almost impossible. Most protein shakes on the market contain ingredients that work best for the bodies of men and their ability to increase muscle mass.

Instead of relying on protein products makeup, a woman started a brand only for women called IdealFit. The star of this review is more important protein smoothie brand, known as Protein IdealLean.

IdealLean What is protein?

Protein IdealLean is the number one protein shake for women. Created by Nicole Wilder, a mother, Certified Personal Trainer , and a specialist in Natal fitness for mothers before and after, your goal is to create products for women. Specifically, your protein shake gives the body of women to the exact amount of protein, nutrients, folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and other compounds needed to thrive after a workout. With their protein shakes, you certainly need not worry about bulking up manly way. The shakes are designed to give your muscles the energy they need to repair themselves for next workout routine.

a protein not bulky

There are many wonderful qualities of this protein , but one of the most important is that it is not the kind of protein that will cause a great job. The purpose of this protein is to help build muscle mass so you can see tones, adjust, and be happy with your body. In general, women are told to start with small amounts of protein to incorporate into your diet. As you improve your fitness levels and be more active, you can increase the amount of protein in their diet to continue to keep muscles in shape, while fat burning unnecessary. Over time, the protein will help you realize your fitness goals and body.

isolated from whey protein instead of protein

Not all proteins are created equal. There are many different types of proteins and when it comes to IdealLean, use whey protein in particular. The difference between the isolated whey protein and normal protein is that the protein used in this product, you need not worry about fat and carbohydrates. Regular protein, unlike whey protein, is also rich in fat and carbohydrates, thereby derailing the benefit of the product.

In addition, whey protein also worth because it is much easier to digest than normal proteins. Improved digestive qualities ensures that this protein is quickly absorbed into your body so your muscles can repair themselves sooner rather than later.

Finally, whey protein is also the purest protein available type. It is a “complete” protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to grow and repair muscles quickly.

Better recovery Ideallean

IdealLean also provides better recovery than most other protein supplements on the market. This particular product helps you build muscle mass and lose body fat at the same time.

These results are possible because the product ensures that the recovery time is fast and efficient through the mixture recovery property. The mixture is rich in compounds such as L-Glutamine and super fruits, which both work together to break your muscles and increase the body’s ability to metabolize proteins. As a result, the muscles accumulate faster.

Nutrition Facts

As with any health product, nutritional information is vital to determine if the product is right for you. After all, certainly not want to end up consuming a high protein content, but sugar-rich product that can destroy all the time and effort invested in their training.

The good news regarding IdealLean is that only 80 calories, with 20 grams of complex protein, no fat, sugar or carbohydrates, and the only type of protein used is 100% Isolated whey protein.

flavor and texture

The fact that the product is low in calories and is sugarless, carbohydrates and fat does not necessarily mean it does not taste good. Another thing I like about IdealLean is that it comes in two delicious flavors and rich, which are chocolate brownie and French vanilla. For taste, unlike other protein shakes on the market, it does not have a chalk-like texture. The protein drink is soft and delicious.

Shopping and prices

The product can be purchased at your local health food store or you can buy online on the website of the brand. The standard container has 30 servings and many users have noted that you have the right kind of cup to mix the batter does matter. Therefore, for best results, you should invest in a good cup. The standard price for a tub of protein is $ 49.99. However, if you order from the website of the brand today is a discount in place, leaving the product at a reduced price of $ 44.99. Five dollars savings may seem small, but that add up if you take into account additional purchases of the product.

Furthermore, it can further reduce the overall price with the purchase of two tubs of protein. Instead of costing $ 99.98, $ 79.97 two spa cost, leaving the price of $ 39.99 bathtub. The best value is however the purchase of four tubs for a total of $ 139.97.


Finding a high quality and effective product of protein for women is not easy, especially when the market is saturated fitness product for men. However, IdealLean differs from other products on the market by the reality that offers a product that works for you, your body and your fitness levels. Best of all, the product is delicious, is easy to incorporate into your exercise routine, and has worked well for many women as well.

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