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Ideal Shape is a diet plan that relies heavily meal replacement shakes to help lose weight. Here is our opinion ideal form.

What is the ideal way?

Ideal Shape is a diet program that has existed since 2003. The diet consists of replacing special meal take shape Ideal shakes to replace your regular meals throughout the day.

These meals Forma Ideal Slendesta used potato extract as its main active ingredient. Slendesta supposedly reduces hunger cravings for up to 3 hours after ingestion. Other ingredients include Whey protein , sunflower oil, digestive enzymes , and various vitamins and minerals.

You take the shakes twice a day when mixed with water.

The creators of the ideal way to greatly emphasize the importance of natural ingredients.

One of the main criticisms of the program is its high price: a package containing 30 servings of smoothies is priced at $ 49.99, for example, although you can save more money by ordering several packages at once


in addition to meal replacement shakes , alignment ideally includes beverages burning fat and protein bars meal replacement.

The meal replacement Shake the ideal form

The movement of Form Meal Replacement ideal is the flagship product offering ideally. The shakes contain the following key qualities:

– Slendesta: This potato protein extract is specifically designed to control the desires for 3 hours or more. If you’ve ever had a shake and felt hungry an hour after taking it, then you know how important a good control may be craving.

Vitamins and Minerals : Each serving contains 21 vitamins and minerals There are more than 50% of your daily recommended intake ( “Give your body what it needs to be healthy.” RDI) of certain vitamins and minerals.

– Low Blood Sugar. Each portion of the ideal form contains 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories

– Proteins :. There are 11 grams of protein in each serving

Form Ideal intended to emphasize natural ingredients. However, replacing food shake What contain artificial flavors. So if you’re looking to avoid artificial ingredients everywhere, then the ideal way might not be the best.

Ideal replacement bars how to eat

Form Ideal recommends that you purchase meal replacement shakes and bars meal replacement – so you can mix it up if you start to get bored with the consumption of each food. The replacement bars meals are priced around $ 2 each and contain the following qualities:

– Available in chocolate, peanut butter, cinnamon Caramel Crunch, double chocolate and strawberry yogurt

– 140 calories per serving

– 10 grams of protein per serving

– 20% of your RDI of 24 vitamins and minerals

– 5 grams of fiber

also contains the same hunger for three hours blocking energy contained in the meal replacement shakes. So by taking one, you should be able to enjoy relief from the desire to eat for a short period of time.

Form Ideal IdealBoost fat burner

IdealBoost Fat Burner is a caffeine-based formula designed to be mixed with a glass of water. The powder contains 5 calories and promises to provide 3 hours of hunger control along with increased energy.

Ideal Forma says you should take a glass of IdealBoost a.m.-2 p.m. 11 “or any other time you need a boost.” If you usually have a drink caffeinated afternoon to increase your energy, for example, then IdealBoost promises to provide a healthy replacement. Some of the essential qualities of IdealBoost include:

– Mix of green tea and caffeine (to increase your energy and block the desire to eat)

– vitamins B3, B6 and B12

– Each serving contains 80 mg of caffeine, which is about the same amount you would find in a cup of coffee

– contains Slendesta and Fibersol that provide greater control of hunger or up to 3 hours

– 5 calories per serving

Whenever you feel a craving for sugary drink during the day, you can take the ideal way to curb cravings.

Price Form Ideal

Form Ideal usually get positive reviews online. However, many customers feel the price is a bit too high to justify.

This is how much you can expect to pay for the replacement of the ideal form of shakes meals:

– 1 package (30 servings): $ 49.99
– 2 Packs (60 servings) : $ 89.99
– 3 packets (90 servings): $ 129.99
– 4 packs (120 people): $ 159.99

The plans also come with an electronic book free diet as well as a bottle free shakers. All purchases come with a refund policy of 30 days.

Meanwhile, ideally recommended to supplement your diet with protein bars ideal form, which are priced as follows:

– 1 Box (7 bar): US $ 14.99
– 2 boxes (14 bars): $ 24.99
– 4 boxes ($ 28 bars): $ 49.99
– 8 cases (56 bar): $ 89.99

Finally , loss drink weight IdealBoost is priced as follows:

– 1 package (30 servings): $ 39.99
– 2 Packs (60 servings): $ 69.98
– 4 Packs ( 120 people): $ 119.96

scientific Evidence for Form Ideal

Form Ideal has existed since 2003. However, it seems that the company has never sponsored any scientific studies or clinical trials in their products.

The company, however, list some scientific studies on its official website. On the fat burner IdealBoost drinks, for example, the ideal form cites three studies. However, none of these studies specifically related to IdealBoost.

However, a study shows that people who consumed diet drinks (such as Coca-Cola Light) actually gained weight. The other cited study shows that participants in a weight loss program 36 weeks lost more weight than those in a program of 12 weeks. And the latest study shows that a mixture of green tea + caffeine can lead to weight loss.

In other words, there is no published evidence that the ideal way can actually help you lose weight. The only evidence we see is from the customer testimonials on the official website -. It is not the most impartial source

It would have been very beneficial to see how the formula ingredients as Slendesta measured against a placebo when it comes to cravings and weight loss .

In short, when you’re paying this much for weight loss supplements, which is expected to see some additional scientific evidence to support the products.

However, if you’re the type of person who is inspired by success stories rather than scientific evidence, then you’ll find plenty of success stories are listed here .

Conclusion: Should You Use Form Ideal

Ultimately, the ideal way is a popular diet program that involves taking a lot of meal replacement shakes expensive?. The meal replacement shakes contain more than 50% of your recommended vitamins and minerals while providing you with a patented fiber complex that promises to reduce the desire to eat up to 3 hours daily intake.

If you do not mind the high price tag, then the ideal way can be a great option for you.

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