Ibuprofen Kills Thousands Each Year. Here is What You SHOULD Use Instead


Do you think that painkillers can help when you are sick and against painful symptoms. These drugs painkillers can relieve symptoms temporarily, but can lead to more serious consequences as a heart attack. The risk of heart attack increases by the use of a drug known as Vioxx.

Everyone gets sick. The diseases have become common in the modern world. One of a dangerous health problem is a heart attack. The serious problem can arise due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it occurs by the use of some painkillers. The people are hospitable and easily worry about your pain are at high risk of developing a heart attack because they have increased the intake of analgesics.

The pharmaceutical world can fool you because side effects may be more than analgesic action to relieve pain. A person must be patient in the course of recovery from illness. He should not take a lot of painkillers to relieve their symptoms.

These painkillers can have various harmful effects on your body. Some of them are long term, the other can recover soon.

aspirin and ibuprofen are the most commonly used analgesics. They also have a lot of side effects. a derivative that is linked to an increased number of deaths in many countries petrochemical-.

Side effects include:

– DNA damage

– Hair Loss

– High blood pressure

– Deadly Infections Influenza

– Miscarriage

– Anemia

Almost all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are not safe for health. These have been associated with heart disease. Prolonged and repeated use can lead to heart problems that can be fatal. They can also cause ulcers. You can understand that reading some research itself. These studies have shown that aspirin and ibuprofen can have negative effects on health.

Source / reference: www.complete-health-and-happiness.com
outstanding image source: www.complete-health- and-happiness.com

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