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‘m perfectly healthy a company that provides consumers with products that help remove toxins and harmful bacteria, helping to create a more balanced body chemistry. This is our opinion.

What I am am perfectly healthy?

Maintaining a healthy body needs much more than keep up with a regimen of exercise and healthy eating. You need to ensure that toxins and substances that can wreak havoc on your body are eliminated. Cleansing your body of impurities is the key to living a truly healthy life. With products and advice I Am perfect health, you can achieve that high level of welfare.

I am perfectly healthy is a company that focuses on positive thinking and the elimination of toxic bacteria that can prevent stay healthy. The idea with me is perfectly healthy is to turn the company name in your ad every day.

All products and tips available comes from a couple in Tucson, Arizona, who are responsible for this pioneer in welfare. If you are unsure about remedies, you can take a walk to your store or simply call.

I am perfectly healthy market

To make any type of purchase of the products listed on the website, you will need to click on the store link, which will take you to http://ift.tt/1TH6S0P. You can order any of the products on the main website of this online store.

To get a better idea about the products I am perfect health offers to consumers, check out some of the best selling products that are popular among consumers.

The red desert of the edible clay

The red desert of the edible clay is an important source of calcium, but the main purpose of using this type of product is to detoxify and “remineralises ” her body. Basically, the consumption of this product allows push it into the bloodstream to [eliminartoxinasybacterias unhealthy. The result is stronger bone density and an overall healthier body.

You are constantly breathing in the environmental toxins that are incredibly damaging to the way your body needs to function. However, this feature allows you to replace 60 essential minerals normally exhausted during the day, when toxins enter your body and make it useless minerals.

The edible red desert clay is also used to help kill bacteria on the teeth and gums and remove stains basal skin cancer. However, if you already have a remedy in place with your health care professional, you should consult with them first.

You can choose from a range of packages, but the boxes 20 pounds and 50 pounds are no longer available for purchase. However, you can choose from:

  • 2 lbs. $ 55.00
  • 4 lbs. $ 85.00
  • 8 lbs. $ 152.00 (Two jars)

Candisol enzymes

This enzyme supplement is designed to help remove the cell wall of yeast in adults, but the formula is safe enough to give your dog too. Priced at $ 49 for a bottle of 120 capsules, this enzyme is not only designed to be a probiotic digestive , but is specifically formulated to clean the yeast in your body. Outside Hard water is usually impenetrable, but not with this formula, and start working immediately.

For use in adults, take two capsules on an empty stomach for bacteria to your digestive system adhere properly. Basically, it is best to wait until you have not eaten for two hours, and do not eat at least one hour. If you think you would get better results with a higher recommendation twice daily dose in the bottle, talk to your health professional.

This product is safe and cheer for use with children , which only consume half a capsule twice a day. Add another capsule to the daily requirement for every 40 pounds of body weight.

Many consumers want to know how long they need to use this enzyme before they can stop worrying about yeast. This discussion is by your doctor, but the amount of time you need that is directly related to the amount of time they have had problems with the growth of yeast in your body.

should not have much, if any, side effects with the use of Candisol. Less than 1% of consumers complain of abdominal cramps.

The use of this product should not affect or interfere with any of your medicines. That said, you should avoid while taking thyroid medication, since enzymes are prone to dissolve the capsule in an effort to clean bacteria. Talk to your health care professional if you are worried or confused about the combination of remedies.


Syntol is a probiotic, which means that is intended to help create a healthy amount of good bacteria in your digestive system. This formula is very powerful, and is used to digest yeast and unwanted fungi, which can prevent a lot of other health problems.

This product should be swallowed with a glass of eight ounces of water with nothing in the stomach, allowing the good bacteria to join his stomach. When you start taking probiotics, you should only take one or two capsules a day. You can gradually increase your dose of one or two capsules a day until you reach the desired quantity. Here are the recommended dose sizes, depending on their potential targets are shown:

  • Maintenance :. 2-4 capsules per day
  • Increased support :. 6 capsules per day
  • Therapeutic: 9-12. Capsules per day

Each of the capsules contain three or four times the number of viable microbial cells containing other probiotics. Obtainable multiple bottle sizes, including bottles with

  • 90 capsules ($ 40.00)
  • 180 capsules ($ 70.00)
  • 360 capsules ($ 130.00)

contact the I-AM perfectly healthy

If you have any questions about a product, call (520) 219-2379, which is in the Arizona time. Arizona is not subject to summer time, which means that their hours sometimes correspond to the Pacific time zone, while the rest of the year is in the Mountain time zone. If someone is unavailable, or call outside office hours, you can leave a voice message for a response the next day.

While the company offers some ways to talk to someone, they are very clear to inform the consumer that are not available to sit and “chat” on issues of personal health. To speak with a nutritional consultant on these issues, there is a link in the contact page that has the time to listen.

This company is not a team of medical professionals. For this reason, they can not give medical advice over the phone for their health problems. If you have medical questions, you should schedule a visit with your doctor.

If you prefer email correspondence, you can send your questions to [email protected]


I am perfectly healthy helps eliminate harmful substances in your body to a healthier life. With a team of highly responsive customer service and reasonable prices, you can easily start your path to better health today.

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