Hynt Aria Pure Lipstick

Hynt Aria Pure Lipstick

My main criteria for a lipstick is that it must contain no evil, it is comfortable to wear and have a longer lasting color. An added bonus is that you can even do some good. Hynt Aria Pure Lipstick ($ 29) passed inspection at all levels and could be one of the best bars of “natural” lips I have ever used.

The first thing that caught my attention Hynt Aria Pure Lipstick is having the kind of dense pigmentation of a lipstick, classic. shadow of my tester plum passion really was not for me but for my review of this process is irrelevant. If you meet my criteria, then it is simply a matter of finding the right tone for me among the four available.

smearing on my lips, I loved the velvety texture. No gloopiness, or dryness. Only one bar perfectly comfortable lips. As for staying power, he passed his test cup water, leaving nothing but a greasy stain weakly with all the color still on my lips.

This kind of performance is rare in a bar of natural lips. A lot of chemicals are going to make sure the texture, pigmentation and recharge time are acceptable. As for the list of ingredients Hynt, it is surprising to me that works so well with – apparently – so little. Not much to formula, in addition to organic oils and waxes.

A couple of useful additions also put this lipstick in the category rarely filled with makeup that is good for you. tribehenin is typically a mixture of glycerol and a fatty acid derived from plants conditions and is a penetration enhancer. There is also a complex polyglyceride is a natural alternative to silicone and lanolin and moisturizing and improving the barrier function of the skin. rice bran oil is an antioxidant.

This lipstick has been a great introduction to Hynt, a line of color cosmetics I’m looking forward to get to know. Hynt formula with the following principles (according to their website): free of any desired, honesty, color, skin care, only the best ingredients. Now who could argue with that?

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