Hydrolux – Snake Venom Peptide Skin Care Cream

Hydrolux is a new skin cream against aging exclusively available to US residents. Here is our opinion Hydrolux.

What is Hydrolux?

Hydrolux is a skin cream against aging which recently launched online through a trial bottle offer.

The cream promises to illuminate the appearance of your skin while restoring radiant, firmer skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines rebels.

At first glance, Hydrolux looks identical to a number of other skin creams that have recently revised: use identical copy sales of identical design web pages, and an offer identical test. There are even identical models and images used on the page.

All these skin creams also have a similar list of ingredients -. Including “ snake venom peptide

How does Hydrolux to improve the appearance of your skin? Let us know more about how Hydrolux works.

How Hydrolux work?

Hydrolux claims to work by illuminate the appearance of the skin and restore radiant, firmer skin. Meets these benefits using an ingredient called Syn-Ake peptide cream. Often it referred to as “snake venom peptide cream” Syn-Ake is a patented formula that works in a similar way to Botox.

Syn-Ake your skin will freeze in place similar to those found in snake venom toxins (no actual snake venom Hydrolux or any other anti-aging cream skin). By freezing the skin in place, Hydrolux avoids wrinkling. Your skin can not move physically to form lines, creases, wrinkles and , to have a reduced aging appearance.

Syn-Ake has been studied before in a small number of clinical trials. Hydrolux, however, does not list the results of all clinical trials or scientific studies that have occurred.

Instead, the manufacturer of Hydrolux mostly just talk about how much better is Hydrolux than any other skin cream on the market. It also throws around words like “revitalize” and “replace” without explaining what those words mean.

Ultimately, there is no evidence that Hydrolux works as advertised -. Which is unusual because of its high price tag ridiculously

HydroLux Ingredients

know that Hydrolux contains Syn-Ake peptide cream. Beyond that, we know nothing about the ingredients in Hydrolux. You are confident that the manufacturer has included the right ingredients in the right mix in the correct concentrations -. That’s a tall order for any online dealer an expensive moisturizer

Some sources indicate that Hydrolux online contains 100% natural ingredients. However, Syn-Ake is not really a natural ingredient is a synthetic formula that attempts emulate a natural ingredient. That’s a big difference.

Ultimately, we know almost nothing about the ingredients in Hydrolux.

Hydrolux pricing

If Hydrolux was no longer putting off alarms in your head, then it is clumsy pricing policy can change that.

Hydrolux announces a price of $ 4.95 for a bottle of sample test. Customers are led to believe they are paying $ 4.95 for 30 ml (30-day supply) of Hydrolux skin cream.

Actually, the price of $ 4.95 only covers shipping costs. You will be charged the selling price per Hydrolux 18 days after the order. And will continue to receive monthly shipments of Hydrolux in the mail until you cancel, the retail price (plus $ 4.95 shipping) will be charged each month.

Note: If you want to save money on your shipping fee Hydrolux, then simply press the “back” button when you’re on the sales page. You will see the shipping cost reduced to $ 2.95.

Ultimately, this trial offer is something we’ve seen with a lot of other companies skin cream. It’s a bit of a scam, because there is deception in the payment of a fee, when in fact they are charged another fee. However, since it technically agreed to accept the terms and conditions, you are still on the hook for the retail price.

Who does Hydrolux?


of Hydrolux shows no contact information, manufacturing information, or other information about yourself online.

Everything we know about the company comes from its list of WHOIS , which states that the domain was registered on January 24, 2016 a domain registrar in Panama.

should you use Hydrolux for their anti-aging benefits?

Hydrolux makes big promises about their anti-aging benefits, but does not provide any evidence to support these claims. Like many popular skin creams on the market today, Hydrolux is based on an ingredient called Syn-Ake, which is a type of synthetic snake venom. That formula skin is frozen in place (as Botox) to prevent wrinkling.

Ultimately, the lack of information on the ingredients, the lack of clinical trials, and the pricing policy similar scam of Hydrolux make it difficult to recommend this skin cream to anyone who wants to reduce the effects of aging on the skin.

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