Husband Asks His Wife Why Married Women Are Heavier Than Single Women, Her Response Is Just Perfect!


There are some moments between a married couple who seem to have no sense. The husband says sometimes bad things while women tend to be a little cramped. There is a list of the conversations that take place among men and women who are married that could give readers a laugh for the day.


A man asks his wife why a bra is used because there is nothing to put in it, and the woman tells him that he wears pants. Another man asks his wife what she has been doing with all the grocery money that has been giving him. She tells him to turn sideways and look in the mirror.


Some men want to know why women do not blink during foreplay, and women seem to have the time to blink because it is very short. One of the funniest statements is when a man asked his wife why married women are heavier than those who are single. The answer is simple. Single women are in the refrigerator to see what is before going to bed. Those who are married go to bed, see what’s there and then go to the refrigerator to drown his sorrows with food.

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