How Your Tongue, Eyes, Lips And Nails Reveals Your Health

What color is your language? The answer to this question can say about your health. Check the color of her lips and tongue, the whites of the eyes in the mirror to understand what really happens to your health.



healthy a pinkish color

is not healthy: white, layer of gray or brown. You may have a bacterium or increase in gastric acid production. If most of the tongue is covered with a white coat, it is likely dehydrated.

Help: Take a toothbrush and gently remove accumulations off your tongue. Make sure you do some blood tests if accumulations appear in a short period of time.


healthy bright bright white, eyelids also pigmented

is not healthy: , white highly sensitive red. This indicates insufficient moisture of the eye that is a direct consequence of the hormonal changes that occur due to pregnancy or excessive use of contraception. This condition is often caused by spending long hours working on a computer.

yellow white indicate malfunction of the liver or hepatitis.

red lines corners or red water are caused by blepharitis, which is a common symptom of infections, allergies and the like.

Help: Consuming fish oil twice daily to treat dry eyes. If this does not help, consult an ophthalmologist.


healthy lightly colored pinkier skin

is not healthy: lips unusually pale indicate iron deficiency. Sores and cracks are a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Help: Eat more milk and meat, and make sure you add more leafy green vegetables to your diet. If sores on the lips cause too much pain, do a blood test.


healthy: strong, nails, skin color

is unhealthy: brittle nails indicate stress . green color is a sign of infection and blue tones indicate circulation problems. white markings and lines are when they lack essential vitamins and minerals.

Help: Avoiding stressful situations. Sleep at least 7 hours a day and pay special attention to your diet. If you notice some green or blue nail consult your doctor.

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